Police in Kenya say a man who confessed to killing a dozen children and fled custody this week was killed by a mob.

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Area Assistant County Commissioner Cornelius Nyaribai confirmed the murder of Masten Vanzala on Thursday. The murder near his home in Bangoma County occurred a day after he fled a police room in Nairobi.


Police officials said Vanzala was identified after attending a football match and playing with locals. Some people chased him and thrashed him to death.

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A police patrol car is parked by lighting a blue light in the nail. (Photo by Carsten Rehder / Images combine via Getty Images)

“The law of the forest, as enforced by angry villagers, prevailed,” the Kenyan Police’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation said in a tweet on Friday.

Authorities said Vanzala had confessed to killing 12 children in Nairobi and Machakos and Bungoma counties when he was arrested in July. He allegedly posed as a football coach to lure victims.

So far five bodies have been retrieved.