TORONTO — It’s common knowledge that in most countries you need a driver’s license to drive, but police in Australia are adding a new type of transport to the list of vehicles: motorized coolers.

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According to a Facebook postSwan Hill Police Service last week pulled over a 25-year-old man who was driving a “motorized eski on the sidewalk in Victoria Street Kerrang”.

Esky refers to an Australian brand of portable coolers. A photo of a motorized cooler shows a bright blue cooler sitting on a metal platform with four wheels, an engine at the rear and a set of what looks like a bike handlebar, with the cooler appearing as a temporary vehicle seat . The whole thing seems smaller than a lawn tractor.


Police said the driver of the cooler did not have a driver’s license and, in fact, had never held one. He said the driver passed the breath analyzer test and was not intoxicated.

“This motorized eSky is considered a vehicle due to size/engine capacity and must comply with legal requirements and road rules,” the police statement said.

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The cooler has been confiscated for 30 days, and the driver is charged with driving without a license and driving an “unregistered motor vehicle.”

Police added a link to a website that explained the laws surrounding hoverboards, Segways and other personal mobility devices in Australia. Motorized personal mobility devices were defined as self-balancing and had either a wheel or wheels in a “side-by-side configuration”, and to be used on roads or sidewalks to meet registration and licensing requirements. are necessary for.

Although several examples were listed, motorized coolers were not visible.