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A Connecticut woman has been charged with strangling her 6-week-old newborn son with a blanket for 20 minutes and waiting hours before calling 911, state police said Tuesday.


Krystal Ziezewski, 35, of Griswold, was arrested on Monday on charges of murder and risk of injury to a minor. After a court appearance in Norwich on Tuesday, he was taken into custody on $550,000 bail.

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Lawyer David Gacion said he represented Zizewski in an unrelated criminal case and was not involved in the murder. It was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney in her child’s death case who could respond to the charges.

State police said in an arrest warrant affidavit that Czyzewski admitted during an interview with detectives that he suffocated the child “until it was dead” on the morning of November 17. She said both the baby and her 5-year-old were crying and it was “too much” according to the affidavit.

The state police said that after the child suffocated, he left her in the swing for the whole day. The affidavit states that around 9 p.m., she brought the baby to her room, placed her in a bassinet, and then called 911 to tell her he was “barely breathing”.

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State police said the child was brought to a regional hospital and later taken to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, where he suffered a cardiac arrest. The affidavit said that the staff appeared to revive the child, but he himself could not breathe and was declared brought dead on Sunday.

Czyzewski is scheduled to appear in state court in New London on December 13.