Police say bodycam footage should be released ollowing arrest of Black man

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The Metropolitan Police Federation has rejected a “litigation by social media” and called for the release of body-worn camera footage showing the arrest of a 70-year-old black man who was hospitalized last week.

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A “conflict” broke out between Errol Dixon and a Metropolitan Police officer on Monday after he pulled over faulty brake lights in Bromley, south London, the force said.

This is what happened when a woman identified herself as the man’s daughter deployment of Photos of his injuries in Instagram that quickly went viral, saying he suffered a broken nose, fractures and cuts in the upper cheek, and that officers assaulted his father. have injuries allegedly confirmed by King’s College Hospital.


The Met has since compulsorily self-referred to the Granthshala Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Errol Dixon

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Errol Dixon

“Yet allies in the Metropolitan Police are being prosecuted by social media – and later traditional media – based on baseless … allegations,” said Ken Marsh, president of the Metropolitan Police Federation, in reference to the Bromley arrest.

“There is no problem with police officers being held accountable for their actions – we are most accountable to public services and we look forward to the Granthshala Office for Police Conduct to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion.”

“The Metropolitan Police Federation team has seen body-worn footage of this latest incident. We can say that we will strongly defend the actions of these officers and are supporting them at this time.

“These police officers did an incredibly professional job.”

Mr. Dixon, a Windrush pensioner who moved from Jamaica to the UK at the age of 12, told Antoine Allen of ITV News On Friday that he is in “a lot of pain and distress”.

“Whenever I hear that siren, I tremble.

“I’ve been pulled over by the police hundreds of times (…) As long as you’re black in this country, you never stop being pulled over by the police. Being my age, I thought it would stop (. ..) They will see me as an old man. But nothing has changed.”

Ken Marsh, president of the Metropolitan Police Federation.

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Ken Marsh, president of the Metropolitan Police Federation.

Condemning what he described as “tested by social media”, Mr Marsh said: “Enough is enough. We can’t keep up policing – and our brave police officers – are then vilified in the media.” When they haven’t done anything wrong.

“All our colleagues are wearing body-worn videos. We have nothing to hide.

“There are always two sides to every story. And yet when it comes to the actions of police officers – and especially when video footage of the hard work we are doing is put in the public domain – we only see and hear about one side.”

“The Metropolitan Police Federation has consistently called for the early release of footage of the officer’s body-worn camera. Let’s release the footage now – which will soon put an end to a lot of the crap we see on our screens and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“We are transparent. We have nothing to hide.”

IOPC has been contacted for comments.


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