Police spend tens of thousands protecting transport of dogs to labs for experiments

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Police have spent thousands of pounds protesting the dogs being taken to laboratories for experiments.

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Protesters have been camping outside a breeding center in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, for more than three months to object to the use of Beagle puppies in testing.

Organizers of the protest said on Wednesday more than 40 officers and 10 police vans were dispatched to protect the transport of the dogs from the US multinational Marshall Bio Resources (MBR) center.


This was believed to be the highest number of puppies ever sent. Activists said they counted four van-loads, each containing about 40 pups.

Campaigners, who say the lab experiments on dogs are outdated and unnecessary, say their Camp Beagle protests have been peaceful every day.

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But the Cambridgeshire Constabulary spent £165,166 on policing the camp between 27 June and 14 September, according to a Freedom of Information request response issued by activists.

The expenses included £46,214 police protests on 10 August alone and £17,889 on 25 August.

MBR breeds 2,000 Beagles a year to sell when they are about 16 weeks old for testing for chemicals and drugs that are done elsewhere.

Critics have dubbed it a “factory farm for dogs”, but the company says the experiment is “a small but important part of a wide range of applications from ecological work to disease research”.

This week the High Court ruled that the protest camp could remain outside the MBR Acre, provided people stood 10 meters from the gate.

Critics say the police should instead spend their time and money catching criminals such as murderers and rapists.

“This is a low point in animal cruelty in a country like the UK,” adding the force should question the ethics of deploying officers to help facilitate “animal abuse”.

A Camp Beagle spokesman said: “Many didn’t realize it was still going on because the barns are unmarked and the dogs cannot be heard from the street as it is built into a dune.

“Animals are not a viable way to test these products for humans and there is a great deal of support behind scientists who can unequivocally prove that these experiments are not only barbaric, but also produce unbelievable results in human medicine. I’m too late.”

Tests that dogs are subjected to may include force-feeding them with chemicals or insecticides before putting them down.

The company says most experiments are mild, such as blood tests, and the results are used to develop vaccines, including the COVID-19 jab.

However, campaigners say animal testing is also used by multinationals developing everyday household and toiletry products that sell to countries where animal testing is legal or routine, such as China.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, who has campaigned for a ban on all tests on animals in the UK, is among high-profile critics of the practice.

A spokesperson for MBR said: “We fully respect that protesters have the right to protest peacefully provided it is organized legally. Our staff, who are fully trained animal-care professionals, Those whose only job is to raise healthy and content animals are unfortunately receiving abuse from some protestors as they come and leave for work to care for our dogs.

“We will continue to conduct our operations in full compliance with Home Office regulations and our general high welfare standards. We take pride in what we do every day because our work has helped save millions of human and animal lives. allows progress.

The Granthshala has sought a response from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary.


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