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PolitiFact is pushing against White House press secretary Jen Psaki among economists for her claim to paint a rosy picture about President Biden’s spending agenda.

During a press briefing last week, Psaki dismissed concerns that Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill would contribute to the ongoing inflation crisis, telling reporters, “No economist is predicting that it will lead to inflation.” will have a negative impact.”


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“Is it really true that there isn’t a single economist who thinks the bill will lead to inflation? No,” PolitiFact responded in a Article Published Thursday. “Many economists who have said for the record that they think the inflation impact of the bill will be small and brief. But we found a lot of economists who say they expect modest inflationary pressures, at least initially.”

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The report quoted economists from institutions such as Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase as saying, “The economy is running very close to its capacity constraints.”

It also cites former Obama economic adviser Larry Summers, who has been vocal against the Biden administration over inflation concerns.

Regarding his decision, Politifact asserted that Saki is “wrong” that “no economist predicts inflation” as a result of the Build Back Better Spending Bill being signed into law.

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Politefact wrote, “Many economists, including some White House colleagues, have gone on record to say that there will probably be inflationary effects, especially in the near term, if the bill is passed.” “However, the broad consensus among analysts has been that the inflation impact of the bill will be modest and brief.”

“We consider the statement to be false.”

This marked PolitiFact’s first fact-checking of Psaki since he took charge of the White House briefing room.

The famed media fact-checker has been the subject of intense scrutiny last year over two poor age reports involving the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

In August 2020, PolitiFact claimed it was “wrong” to claim that Rittenhouse’s possession of a gun was “completely legal”, a fact-checking outlet that stood back even after the judge dismissed the gun allegation. will declare otherwise.

Another fact-check from September 2020 described then-President Trump’s description of what he believed Rittenhouse had done in self-defense was “false”, asserting that he had painted a “false picture” of events that were left untouched. Information.