Pop into Petra Ecclestone’s VERY posh jumble sale for Hermes handbags, Balenciaga boots and baby Dior galorePetra Ecclestone, the 32-year-old daughter of the billionaire Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, decluttered her walk-in wardrobe during lockdown. Her cast-offs are still worth more than a small car.

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  • Petra Ecclestone enjoys decluttering her walk-in wardrobe during lockdown
  • Some 32 Year Old Cast-Offs Are Still Worth More Than the Price of a Small Car
  • Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter is setting up a pop-up shop and online business
  • She will trade in her old clothes with a portion of the proceeds going to charity

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Who among us didn’t enjoy the lockdown clear-out? Trapped in our homes round the clock, our attention drawn to all that accumulated clutter, it is not surprising that since then charity shops have been flooded with the country’s unwanted mess.

However, for the richest one percent, the fall of your walk-in wardrobe may be an entirely different matter.


Surely, at least, it is for Petra Ecclestone, the 32-year-old daughter of billionaire Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone.

Second-hand they may be, but some of Petra’s cast-offs are still worth more than the price of a small car.

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And so, instead of hauling a few bin bags to Oxfam, Petra decided to try her hand at selling herself, setting up a pop-up shop and online luxury fashion resale business that would sell her own non-desired designer apparel. business, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

And what a dress it is! From high heels to fur coats, through leather jackets and high-end leisurewear, every designer label is here.

‘Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Hermes – basically every name you can think of,’ says Petra.

Some items have never been worn and still have the price tag to prove it, while other items are filled with glamorous mementos, like the over £1,500 knee-length Balenciaga shoes Petra wore to a Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Los Angeles. was wearing Angeles, and the £1,000 RtA red leather dress she was wearing when her fiancée Sam Palmer proposed three years ago.

Billionaire Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone’s 32-year-old daughter Petra Ecclestone (pictured) locks down her walk-in wardrobe during the lockdown

There’s also men’s clothing, as 38-year-old Sam has also cleaned out his wardrobe, and Petra’s three children — Lavinia, eight, and twins James and Robert, six, by her ex-husband James Stunt — have also cleaned out the children’s belongings. Have given. As well as her daughter with 18-month-old Minnie, Sam.

Sam said, ‘Montcler jacket, Baby Dior, Fendi … are some really cool clothes for kids.’

I am desperate for a rifle. Who wouldn’t want the chance to breathe in the exquisite scent of property emanating from every leather and suede designer bag tassel?

Alas, with the pop-up shop still frenzied last-minute preparations — a month-long lease on a three-story home not far from Harrods — Petra and Sam are talking to me via Zoom from their London base. are, an 18th-century manor house in the center of Chelsea estimated to be worth between £100 million and £130 million.

They’ve been here a few weeks, away from their main home in LA, a 56,000-square-foot luxury property formerly built for the late American film and TV producer Aaron Spelling, which Petra bought last summer for £95 million.

Apparently, this is now the more bizarre case, although these things are relative. Petra is an heiress, after all, and has a different world—something underlined by the fact that she and Sam are talking to me from a bed that appears to be the size of a boating lake.

It’s 4.15 p.m. and Petra is in her PJs, as I find out when I ask about her glamorous black floral top.

She tells me, ‘It’s actually my pajamas. ‘I’ve been dressed before, but I get the point, I really need to put on my pajamas when I get home. I honestly don’t understand people who are in their house dressed for the rest of the day. It’s really weird for me.’

Petra and her older sister Tamara, 37, are the daughters of Bernie’s second wife and former model Slavica Radic.

The couple divorced in 2009, and today Bernie is married to 44-year-old Brazilian Fabiana Flossi, with whom he has a son, Ace. He largely resides in Switzerland.

Ace came just four months after Minnie arrived in July last year. Three months later, Tamara gave birth to daughter Serena – meaning Bernie now has a son and two grandchildren who are only months apart in age.

are you lagging behind? It’s a little eye-catching, though if Petra finds it unconvincing, she’s not going to let go.

Some accessories are filled with glamorous memories, such as the £1,000 RtA red leather dress she wore when her fiancé Sam Palmer (pictured) proposed three years ago

Some accessories are filled with glamorous memories, such as the £1,000 RtA red leather dress she wore when her fiancé Sam Palmer (pictured) proposed three years ago

The lockdown, which she spent largely in L.A., meant a long period apart from her family. But she has met Ace a couple of times and seems to have a good relationship with Fabiana.

‘We saw Ace when we were in Switzerland last year,’ she says. ‘It was really cute. Ace, Serena and Minnie, they are all basically the same age. We were saying that we should open a nursery.

She sees more of Tamara, who lives in London with her husband Jay Rutland, baby Serena, and their eldest daughter, Sophia, seven. Sisters are close.

She says, ‘Tamara has gone to America, so she was with us there too.’ ‘I spend a lot of time with Tamara, because because of the lockdown, I haven’t really seen my father or my mother.’

It was in the lockdown that the idea of ​​his resale website came into existence.

‘First, we always used to sell stuff with resellers, and then, during the lockdown, I said: ‘Why don’t we do it for ourselves?’ ‘ Sam explains.

‘Raising money for Petra Place is a great idea.’

It is a specialist center in south-west London, founded and funded by Ecclestone, that supports young children with learning and development issues, including autism and their families.

Some families pay privately, but local councils have begun to refer and fund children for specialist treatments and treatments.

Petra decided to set up the center after realizing that Lavinia had some learning difficulties, while it was quickly diagnosed and treated in the US, realizing that she might struggle to find help here in the UK. ‘He was…


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