Possible reasons that Drew McIntire lost the WWE Title to The Miz in the Elimination Chamber

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    The Elimination Chamber ended the Miz with a Cash in the Bank contract to win the WWE Championship for the second time in their careers.

    The A-lister is now a world champion on the road to WrestleMania 37, and the decision to book a title change during such an important phase has surprised many fans.

    Dave Meltzer spoke about WWE’s decision to book the Elimination Chamber during the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

    Dave Meltzer stated that the title change occurred because it is just a transition to arrive at another destination. Brian Alvarez unveils the possibility of winning the title to Drew McIntire in the Raw sequel. However, Meltzer stated that he is not changing the title so early in the PPV before WWE’s WrestleMania.

    Drew McIntire can win titles based on the company’s booking pattern at WWE Fastlane.

    “It’s a transition to get somewhere else. Whatever it is, I don’t know. It just might happen. I don’t think it can happen quickly (Drew is getting it back on Raw tomorrow) because they have PPV is. So, I could see Drew bringing it back to PPV, or he could get it back in RAW, you know. “

    What’s next for Drew McIntyre and The Miz after WWE Elimination Chamber 2021?

    The Elimination Chamber Fallout has made it clear that WWE is leading two opponents for Drew McIntire. Bobby Lashley’s involvement in the title change in the Elimination Chamber made him one of the favorites to face the Scottish warrior in ‘Mania’. Sheamus is also in the picture, and Dave Meltzer said the two heels would get their respective matches against Drew McIntire.

    WWE will need to continue to build on the promotion of WrestleMania after the big PPV, and must have compelling angles at the top of the card.

    Meltzer highlighted several possibilities about the immediate future of Drew McIntire:

    “Well, they’ll both get it. It’s just a question of when. It’s not like the world ends at WrestleMania. They’re going to do it. They’re definitely going to do it. The question is you You know, do they. Drew wins the title, you know, tomorrow, and then defending against Shimus, and then against Lashley, or in the opposite order, or do they go to Fastlane with Drew beating Miz, And then defend after Lashley and then Shimus comes after Lashley. “

    The Miz’s call to win the WWE Championship leads the company to see him as a superstar, who may be drawn to the Heat Heal. Fans are rightly angry at Miz Drew McIntire, and the new WWE Champion also has a proven track record of being a title holder that can annoy people.

    “It’s one of the things we talk about all the time. They’ll go there with the idea that ‘Oh, Miz is really annoying and people will be really, really mad at them’ and that All. And there. Anything with it. “

    Meltzer would later explain that WWE could still proceed with his initial tag team WrestleMania scheme. The original idea remained poorly made and for Damien Priest to team up against The Miz and Morrison. Meltzer predicted that in the coming weeks until WWE WrestleMania, The Miz could become the Bad and Priest Book for the cost of the WWE Championship.

    However, Meltzer was not sure whether Drew McIntire’s stock would help. The former WWE Champion should ideally get no help in winning the title again to maintain his credibility as a world champion.

    Many different scenarios may emerge in the coming times, but what do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments section.

    Published on 22 February 2021, 18:46 IST

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 draws McIntire the Miz


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