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Prince Albert of Monaco has made a new update about his wife’s months-long stay in South Africa.

Shahi told on Wednesday RMC Radio That Princess Charlene is “still in South Africa, but will be back very soon.”


“We have to talk to the doctors in a few days,” the 63-year-old explained. “He is better. It was also complicated for him because various problems affected him.”

Monaco Palace said the princess was hospitalized on September 1, after collapsing “in May due to complications associated with severe ear, nose and throat infections”. UK Express informed of. The 43-year-old has been in his native country for several months to deal with the infection.

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Prince Albert of Monaco’s wife, Princess Charlene, shares biblical snap of smiling amid health crisis: ‘God bless’

Sunday mother of two children took to instagram and shared a smiling shot of himself with an open Bible.

“God bless,” she captioned the snap.

Albert had previously dismissed several reports alleging that the couple was facing marital woes, prompting Charlene to move out of Monaco.

“He’s ready to come home,” said Albert. people magazine, noting the date of Charlene’s return to Monaco “depends on what her doctors say.” He also shared that on August 13, Charlene had a four-hour surgery.

On August 26, Charlene revealed on instagram That she was finally reunited with her husband and their children. The doctors forbid Charlene from flying above 20,000 feet, making the reunion even sweeter.

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Prince Albert of Monaco has been with the couple's two children while Princess Charlene addresses her transition to South Africa.

Royal has used his time to raise awareness on wildlife conservation in his native South Africa.

Charlene recently told South Africa Radio 702 host Mandy Wiener she was “in a waiting game” to be with her family and hopes to leave the country by the end of October. The princess insisted she “cannot force treatment,” as quoted by People magazine.

“I can’t force treatment, so I will be fielded in South Africa by the end of October,” Charlene said. “I feel good, I feel good.”

Still, Charlene admits that being away from her husband and their 6-year-old twins has made the ordeal more difficult.

In late June, Charlene announced that she was being forced to miss her 10th anniversary with Albert due to the need for additional surgery. It didn’t take long for the separation to spark rumors of an impending split. the sources alleged France’s Paris match that Charlene “has no intention of returning” while german color Claimed that Charlene was house hunting near Johannesburg.

Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco with children Prince Jacques of Monaco and Princess Gabriella of Monaco pose on the balcony of the Palace during the Monaco National Day celebrations in Monte-Carlo, Monaco on November 19, 2019.

Rumors intensified when Albert competed alone in the Tokyo Olympics, while the prince was a longtime member of the International Olympic Committee. Charlene is also a former Olympic swimmer.

In June, Charlene told People magazine in a statement that she looks forward to the future.

“My daily interactions with Albert and my kids help me a lot to keep my spirits up, but I miss his presence dearly,” she said. “I can’t wait to be with us.”

The famous athlete married Prince on July 1, 2011. The wedding was a spectacle, costing an estimated $70 million for the four-day event. They welcomed twins in 2014.

Their planned public anniversary celebrations were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.