Prince Harry blocked from wearing uniform while mourning Queen but Andrew allowed

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The Duke of Sussex has been denied the opportunity to wear a military uniform as he mourns the Queen, even though his disgraced uncle the Duke of York would be allowed to do so if he were lying under state watch.

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Harry, who saw frontline action during two tours of duty in Afghanistan, will be in civilian attire for official events, including the state funeral of the late emperor.

Only working royals – who are not Harry and Andrew – are being allowed to wear the uniforms on five ceremonial occasions.


These are the St Giles Cathedral service in Edinburgh, which took place on a Monday, and the procession of the coffin at Westminster Hall, the Vigilance at the State Lying, the funeral at Westminster Abbey and the Committed Service in Windsor.

But an exception has been made for Andrew, who will wear a uniform for the Queen as a “special mark of honour” when he is guarded around his coffin while the princes are under surveillance.

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Members of the Royal Family follow the Queen’s coffin

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Members of the Royal Family follow the Queen’s coffin

, Pool / AFP via Getty Images

The Queen’s other children – the King, the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex – are expected to join the proceedings while they lie in state later this week.

It is likely to be a bitter blow to former soldier Harry, who is proud of his decade in the military, and who was saddened by the Queen post-Megxit after being stripped of his honorary military roles, including Captain General of the Royal Marines.

Earlier on Monday, he wrote about his special memories when the Queen attended their passing out parade when he became an officer in the British Army in 2006.

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King Charles speaks with his younger brother

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King Charles speaks with his younger brother

, the countryside

He recounts his “first meeting” with his grandmother as “my commander-in-chief” – and is believed to have been referring to the occasion when the late Emperor made them smile while reviewing the cadets. Happened and blushed.

A source confirmed that Harry – whose rank is a captain – will not be in uniform for any of the events.

Andrew resigned from public life after an uproar over his friendship with pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

He paid lakhs to settle a civil sexual assault case to a woman, which he claimed he never met.

Getty Images

In January, prior to their legal settlement, the Queen stripped him of all his honorary military roles, including colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and he renounced his HRH style.

Andrew, a former Royal Navy officer who served in the Falklands War, retained his rank as Vice Admiral, and is expected to wear a matching uniform.

Virginia Giuffre sued her for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was 17 when she was trafficked by Epstein. Andrew denied the claims.

At the Thanksgiving service in St Giles on Monday, Andrew was in a morning suit while his siblings, including Edward, who had dropped out of the Royal Marines, wore military attire as they were processed behind the Queen’s coffin .

Andrew wore eight medals and decorations – his South Atlantic Medal for Service in the Falklands, his Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Medal, a Royal Navy Long Service Medal with Bars, the Canadian Forces Decoration with Bars, and the New Zealand Commemorative Medal.

At the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April 2021, the issue of dress was dealt with by the Queen, who decided that no member of the royal family should wear a uniform.

This was a break with tradition but was seen as the most eloquent solution to the problem.

Reports suggested that Andrew was considering wearing an admiral’s uniform.

He was to be promoted to admiral in 2020 on the occasion of his 60th birthday, but did not go ahead due to the disastrous presence of Newsnight.


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