Prince William says he was reminded of his mum’s funeral while walking behind coffin

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Rance William has told the mourner how walking past the Queen’s coffin brought back memories of her mother’s funeral.

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The Prince of Wales, accompanied by his brother Harry and other members of the royal family, walked behind the coffin in a solemn procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster yesterday.

After her death in 1997, aged only 15 and 12, the brothers walked behind Princess Diana’s coffin, which Prince William described as a “very long, lonely walk”.


according to mirrorThe heir to the throne said Wednesday’s procession reminded him of that sad day.

Jane Wells, who had come to Sandringham House to plant flowers, told the publication: “He told us yesterday was particularly difficult and reminded him of his mother’s funeral of Diana after the coffin.

“He said it was very difficult.”

Another member of the crowd also reportedly told the prince that she was close to tears, to which she replied: “Don’t cry now – you’ll get me started.”

The Prince of Wales, Prince William, Prince Harry, Earl Althorp and the Duke of Edinburgh walk behind Diana, Princess of Wales’s funeral (Adam Butler/PA)

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In a BBC documentary, the Prince of Wales previously talked about how he used his then-long fringe to hide his feelings.

He said: “I remember basically hiding behind my fringe, at a time when I had a lot of hair, and my head was very down – so I’m hiding behind my fringe.”

“It was like a little security blanket, if you want. I know it sounds ridiculous, but at the time I thought if I looked at the floor and my hair came down to my face, no one would see me.” .

Other members of the royal family involved in the procession were the King and Queen’s children, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

Queen Consort Camilla, Princess Kate of Wales, Meghan, Prince Harry’s wife and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, also followed in a car.

Another procession will be led by the King when the Queen’s coffin is taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey at 10.44 a.m. on Monday for the funeral.

He will follow the coffin with the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex.

He will be followed by the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips, Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales.


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