Princess Diana Often Wore 1 Special Dress to Visit Children in Hospitals

Princess Diana He was one of the most famous royals of the 20th century. She made her mark on the world in many different ways and her fashion was one of them.

Diana wore many memorable outfits. She also had a special dress that she often wore when visiting sick children.

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Princess Diana did a lot of charity work

Diana was a patron of several charities while she was alive. She often supported people who were left behind by society, such as AIDS and leprosy patients. Diana hugged these patients and shook hands at a time when others avoided them.

The royals traditionally kept their distance when interacting with people during the engagement, but Diana voluntarily abandoned protocol. Apart from hugging the hospital patients, she also got down to the level of children to talk to them and held hands to show her love and care.

After Diana’s death in 1997, people around the world mourned her and gave her the posthumous nickname “The People’s Princess”.

Princess Diana wore a special dress while visiting sick children

Princess Diana in a special dress | Jane Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

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While going to charity may seem like an easy task, Diana put a lot of thought into her work. For example, people often paid attention to her fashion, so Diana wore a special dress when visiting sick children, according to Matthew Storey, who is organizing the Royal Style in the Making exhibition at Kensington Palace.

“She called it her caretaker dress. It is a blue dress with bright flowers on it and it was one of the princess’s favorite outfits,” the story told us weekly. “He wore it over and over again. So much so that the press said, ‘Give it a rest. Stop wearing it.'”

Storey said, “She knew that kids really responded to this costume. Kids love bright colors. So, she often wore it when she visited kids, and especially sick kids.” “

The dress was originally to be worn with a wide-brimmed hat, but Diana usually omitted the cap.

“You can’t hug a kid in a hat,” Storey said. “For me, it opened up my understanding of Diana’s wardrobe. She thought about the people who were going to see her and the people she was going to meet when she chose the style.”

Other royals often emulate Princess Diana’s fashion

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Diana’s style had a huge impact on the fashion industry when she was alive, and it continues to influence the outfits of many royals today.

Most notably, his daughter-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, like to pay tribute to him by wearing the patterns he wears and donating some of his jewelry pieces.

Kate, in particular, also dresses with other people in mind. For example, when attending weddings, she re-wears clothes or coats instead of wearing new ones. This will allow the press to take some of the attention away from her and focus more on the brides.

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