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Rust Movie Productions has denied liability in the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins.

Hutchins is dead When a gun held by Alec Baldwin fired while rehearsing a shot for the film “Rust” on the set of a New Mexico film on October 21. The group was rehearsing in a small church on the set.


Rust Movie Productions claimed that it was not responsible for Hutchins’ death because it was not the employer in charge of overseeing the set. The company argued that it relied on independent contractors, including Hannah Gutierrez Reid.

According to filings obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the company emphasized that Gutierrez Reid was “solely responsible for all actions involving the use of firearms and ammunition”.

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Alec Baldwin on ‘Rust’ shooting: ‘Everyone’ on set knows who is responsible for Helena Hutchins’ death

Gutierrez Reid was also responsible for ensuring that “the RMP’s express prohibition against the presence of live ammunition was strictly followed, ensuring that only spaces were used when called for by the script.” And only dummy rounds were used,” argued Rust Movie Productions.

The appeal comes after New Mexico’s security agency claimed that Rust Movie Productions was aware of a lack of security on the set of “Rust”. The agency fined the production company $136,793, the highest citation possible.

An attorney for Gutierrez Reid did not respond to Fox News Digital’s immediate request for comment.

Baldwin took the blame on himself in a recent interview. He claimed that “every single person” on the set of “Rust” knows who to blame for Hutchins’ tragic death.

“I know every single person on a film set knows what happened, and the people who are talking out loud about what happened or speculating about what happened are not on film sets. Were,” Baldwin told Chris Cuomo during an appearance on his podcast.

Baldwin called on specific media outlets to emphasize the shooting, including the LA Times and The Hollywood Reporter.

“They’ve been talking about what it is and what it is and dined on it and what they had in common was none.”

“Everyone who was there knows exactly what happened,” concluded Baldwin. “They know exactly who to blame.”

Alec Baldwin makes a gun with his fingers while talking with investigators after shooting the film "Rust" in which cinematographer Helena Hutchins was killed.

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Baldwin also pointed to Gutierrez Reed and Assistant Director Dave Hall, who both handled the firearm before firing.

Baldwin told Cuomo, “The man who is the lead security officer on the film’s set announced that the gun was safe when he gave it to me.”

“The man who was the film’s lead security officer declared to the whole gathering, ‘That’s a cold gun.’ Now, why did he say that if he didn’t know and he didn’t check? The point is we were told everything was good and you can relax and we’re dealing with a gun with which It’s safe to rehearse.”

The actor has said that he did not know that the gun had a live round.

The sheriff’s office is awaiting FBI forensic reports and text messages from Baldwin’s phone — which the department requested in December — before sending its investigation report to the district attorney’s office.

“The District Attorney’s office is working with the Suffolk County PD and Baldwin’s attorney to obtain phone records,” Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said in a recent statement. “Once the Suffolk County PD completes their agency’s assistance and forwards those records to New Mexico law enforcement, our detectives will need to thoroughly review those phone records for evidence purposes.”

The Sheriff’s Office also received the report from the Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) of New Mexico. Report An accidental shooting ruled “rust”,

“The important report is from the medical examiner, who concluded it was a tragic accident,” Baldwin attorney Luke Exit told Fox News Digital. “This is the third time New Mexico officials have found that Alec Baldwin had no authority or knowledge of allegedly unsafe conditions on set, that he was told by the person in charge of security on set that the gun was ‘cold, ‘ and assumed the gun was safe.”

Halina Hutchins is survived by her husband Matthew Hutchins and their son.

Once phone records are receivedAnd once the official OMI and forensic reports are reviewed, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s investigative case will be referred to the District Attorney for review and ultimately a final charge decision.

Fox News Digital’s Janelle Ashe contributed to this report.