Prosecution prepares to rest case this week – follow Ghislaine Maxwell trial live

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Ghislain Maxwell Trial: Day 7

The eighth day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial concluded at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Lower Manhattan.

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More details of the alleged sexual abuse of teenage girls by Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner Ms. Maxwell emerged on Wednesday, after the third witness—accused Carolyn’s ex-boyfriend—confirmed several details of her testimony against Ms. Maxwell, when she took it. Morning stand.

The British socialite, who has been accused of luring and grooming girls since the 1990s and sending them to a convicted sex offender, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Ms Maxwell’s defense team said she was being made a “scapegoat” for Epstein’s actions.


Carolyn described how Ms Maxwell visited Epstein’s Palm Beach home and was paid $300 for Epstein’s massage. She said she went to Epstein’s house more than 100 times and even three times a week when she was 14-18 years old and had something sexual on each occasion.

Prosecutors reiterated that they intended to put their case to rest this week, making arguments on their behalf in a trial that was expected to last five to six weeks. This has reportedly stunned the defense teams as they try to ‘stir up’ the witnesses to testify.

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How did Ghislaine Maxwell meet Jeffrey Epstein?

He spent decades side by side with British royals and American presidents.

Now British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is set to stand trial in a New York court on sex trafficking charges, and has been behind bars for decades if convicted. The trial will start from Monday, November 29.

Graeme K. Macy’s has all the details here

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:47

Ghislain Maxwell Trial: Most Explosive Revelations Ever From Inside Court Room

Follow The Granthshala’s day-to-day coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and the most explosive revelations about alleged sex trafficking made by a British socialite with her partner, the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The blatant revelations of Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s inner worlds, the disgraced socialite’s outspoken defense, have so far consumed the trial, Bevan Hurley writing

Epstein has become a symbol of evil in the years since his arrest on charges of underage sex abuse and trafficking. She and Ms Maxwell, an “old, supposedly respectable lady”, were “partners in the crime”, in what prosecutors say were equally guilty of the unspeakable crimes they had allegedly committed.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:46

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial brings back a phrase we should never use again

How we see convicted sex offender Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking racket plays a role in how the two operate for years with girls much younger than their age.

Margot Mifflin here explains why we need to get rid of the term “underage girls.”

The Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit has revived a meaningless term that needs to be abolished: “underage girls.” By definition, girls are children, and children are underage.

The phrase implies that some “girls” are old enough to have sex with adults who are not criminals. Call them children, juveniles, teenage girls, or minors and refer to the crime committed against them: sexual abuse.

Not “sex with an underage girl”.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:44

Foot massages and passionate kisses on yachts and private jets: Intimate Epstein photo album reveals his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell

Prosecutors on Wednesday released intimate, never-before-seen photos of Ghislaine Maxwell, revealing her close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In the pictures, the pair were seen kissing and embracing on yachts, private jets and at black tie events. Several others showed Ms Maxwell giving Epstein a foot massage.

On Tuesday, FBI analyst Kimberly Medder testified that the photos were found on a CD taken during a raid of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2019.

Bevan Hurley reports on it here

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:41

Epstein accuser’s ex-boyfriend says he waited an hour because girls met sex offender

The ex-boyfriend of Epstein’s third accuser, going by the pseudonym “Shawn,” said he knew three girls heading to the disgraced late financier’s estate in Florida in the 1990s.

He said that after dropping the girls, he waited for about an hour in the car to pick them up. After showing up with a $100 bill, they’ll leave the property.

“Shawn” Epstein was dating Carolyn, who identified himself only by his first name and who testified this week in a high-profile sex trafficking racket in New York.

He used the money given to Epstein to support his drug habit, he told the court.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:34

Epstein raped me, says Sarah Ransom and accuses Maxwell of undermining her social credibility

Sarah Ransom, who has accused disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein of raping and torturing several survivors, said the abuse began on her private island in the Caribbean.

“When Ghislaine was on the island, I was on the island for a few days, and Jeffrey had this outdoor patio with seating. And he looked at me and she walked up to me and she said, ‘Jeffrey wants you’, Ms. Ransom said in an interview with “CBS Mornings”.

She continued: “And I totally froze… He grabbed my arm and led me to Jeffrey’s room, where I was raped.”

Ms Ransom, who has publicly accused Epstein and Maxwell, called the British socialite “an assistant and Jeffrey’s right-hand woman”.

She arranged everything, Ms. Ransom said.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:34

‘Want Ghislin behind bars for life’: Epstein accuser Sarah Ransom

One of Epstein’s accusations, who publicly alleges that she was abused by a convicted sex offender and her longtime partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, said she wants the British socialite behind bars for the rest of her life. .

“Jeffrey is dead. Ghislain is here. I want Ghislain to be behind bars for the rest of his life because he is so sick,” said Ms. Ransom CBS Mornings in an interview.

He said people are not safe in public places with Ms Maxwell on the road.

“I want people to know what happened. And my being truthful and speaking and living has set me free. It has set me free,” she said.

Ms. Ransom writes about her sufferings of abuse in her new book Silenced No More: Surviving My Journey to Hell and Back,

He was introduced to Epstein by a woman who said that “she helps a lot of young girls achieve their dreams”.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:33

Maxwell knew Epstein for at least four months before his father’s death, having flown with him as a passenger in 1991

Evidence presented in court on Wednesday confirmed that British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell flew on a new plane belonging to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in July 1991.

This was at least four months before the death of her father and British publishing company Robert Maxwell in November of that year.

Ms Maxwell’s involvement in Epstein’s cases was confirmed in court as early as July 1991, the earliest date of their connection, after Epstein’s former pilot David Rodgers testified in court during a direct examination.

He said he met Ms Maxwell for the first time in July 1991, the same month that she was hired by Epstein.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:32

Maxwell provided Epstein his drug for minor girls, says Lisa Bloom

US Attorney Lisa Bloom says there would have been no Jeffrey Epstein without the help of his former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting minor girls.

“She (Ms. Maxwell) was with Jeffrey Epstein for many years. My client says that without Ghislaine Maxwell there would not have been Jeffrey Epstein. She compares him to a drug dealer who provided Epstein his drugs, which was less There were girls of age,” said Ms Bloom, who has fought multiple sexual assault cases and rose to prominence in the Me Too Times.

“It was she who bought it, that’s what most of these young women say,” Ms Bloom told TalkRadioTV.

She continued: “Who are you supposed to believe? One woman who denies it – Ms. Maxwell or literally dozens of women who come forward with very similar stories?”

“My client says I would never have trusted Jeffrey Epstein, but here it was — Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman — like a mother to him, someone who could be charming, funny, and sweet and thus make her whole. lured into the operation,” Ms Bloom said.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:31

Girls abused by Epstein exchanged bills at Palm Beach gas station, says ‘Sean’

The ex-boyfriend, identified by the pseudonym “Shawn,” of one of the three accused who testified against Jeffrey Epstein, said he received a call from a woman to bring the girls to the convicted sex offender’s estate.

He said he received calls from three women to do so, one of whom had a “proper English” accent, indicating that it may have been Epstein’s former partner Ghislaine Maxwell who grew up in England.

Sean said he moved the girls from less affluent areas of West Palm Beach to Epstein’s posh property in Florida.

Sean told the court on Wednesday that the money these girls would receive would be in $100 bills, so the teens would stop at a Palm Beach gas station to exchange their bills.

Arpan Rai9 December 2021 07:17

Credit: / Ghislaine Maxwell

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