Prosecution’s key witness describes sadomasochistic abuse from Epstein and socialite

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Jayeffrey epstein engaged in sadomasochistic sexual abuse with a 14-year-old girl who was grieving and living in poverty after the death of her father, and Ghislaine Maxwell was often “in the room” when it happened, a jury Heard on Tuesday.

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The main prosecution witness, a successful 41-year-old actress with more than 20 years of experience in television, films and Broadway shows, appeared in Manhattan Federal Court on the second day of Ms. Maxwell’s trial for sex trafficking and underage sex abuse. began his testimony. ,

It marked the first time that Epstein or Ms Maxwell’s alleged sexual abuse of underage girls has been broadcast in open criminal court.


Under the pseudonym Jane, the actor described in detail how the ill-treatment continued for years in massage rooms and bedrooms at Epstein’s three properties in Palm Beach, New York, and Santa Fe.

Jane said, Epstein and Ms. Maxwell would occasionally engage with other older women, and he clearly determined what sexual acts he wanted to perform.

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Afterwards, Epstein and Ms. Maxwell would act as if nothing had happened, Jane said.

“It seemed so casual, like it was so normal, like it was no big deal,” she said. “It confused me because it didn’t feel normal to me.”

Prosecutors had previously indicated that Jane would be their key witness, offering their opening arguments around the alleged abuses she faced.

Jane took to the witness stand wearing a wraparound gray sweater and black dress, and Judge Alison Nathan removed her mask after reminding the court’s Skechers they were banned from making her likeness.

During the harrowing testimony, Ms. Maxwell was adamant, occasionally writing down notes and sending them to her lawyers.

Both sets of lawyers were called into Judge Nathan’s chambers on several occasions after repeated objections to a line of questioning by prosecutor Alison Moe. Jane and Ms. Maxwell would be left in the courtroom, and it seemed they avoided making eye contact.

Under questioning from Ms. Mo, Jane recounts how her father, a musician and conductor, had suddenly died of leukemia in 1993, and that her mother had to sell her house and the family moved to a friend’s property in Palm Beach. Went to the pool house.

Jane was attending the Interlochen Music Camp for Gifted Children in Michigan in 1994 when she first met Epstein and Ms. Maxwell.

She and her friends chat with Ms. Maxwell, who approaches them while walking her pet “Yorky” dog. After his friends returned to class, Epstein came and sat next to him on a park bench and began asking him questions.

“He was very interested in knowing what I thought about the camp, what my favorite classes were.”

Jane said Epstein told her that he was a major donor to the camp which gave scholarships to talented art students. He was surprised to learn that Jane was also from Palm Beach Florida, where Epstein had a waterfront mansion, and asked for her mother’s phone number.

A few days later, Jane’s mother tells her that she has received a call from this mysterious philanthropist. He arranged for a driver to be sent the next week to collect them and bring them home for tea.

Jane said she was impressed by the “huge house with huge gates”, and Epstein escorted her to the back courtyard where a spread of pastries and tea awaited.

“He was very curious, what I was doing in school, what interests me, what I wanted to do with my life.”

Epstein told the 14-year-old that she mentored young student artists, and she began going to her home alone about once a week.

He said, they would chitchat, hang out by the pool, go to the movies and go on shopping trips.

She said Ms Maxwell looked “a little out of place and strange”. “She used to tease me sometimes, but she was nice.”

After a few visits, Jane recalled that Epstein had handed cash in her hand, and offered to pay for her voice lessons.

On a shopping trip she recalls visiting Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie company owned by Epstein’s mentor, billionaire Les Wexner, where he bought her white cotton briefs.

“There was a lot to brag about how they were friends with everyone, and knew everyone.”

They’ll Name the Drop About Friends Like Donald Trump, Bill Sinton and 60 minutes Journalist Mike Wallace.

Jane said she found it “overwhelming and intimidating.”

Ms Maxwell asked if she had a boyfriend and once told her: “If you f**** them once you can f*** them again because they’re grandpas.”

Jane said the first incident of sexual abuse occurred when she was alone with Epstein at their Palm Beach residence.

Epstein asked her to follow him to a pool house and suddenly pulled down his pants, pulled him over to himself, and proceeded to masturbate.

“I was frozen and terrified, I had never seen a penis alone like this… I didn’t tell anyone. I was terrified and felt gross and ashamed.”

On another occasion, Ms Maxwell and Epstein led Jane into their master bedroom and “began to love each other casually, laughing about it”.

“He told me to take off my top and there were hands everywhere,” she said.

As Epstein was abused and Ms Maxwell instructed Jane to “twist her nipples and rub her feet vigorously”.

“It seemed so casual, like it was so normal, like it wasn’t a big deal. It confused me because it didn’t feel normal to me.”

Jane testified that Epstein would use sex toys and massage instruments on her, showing her how she liked to have fun.

She also described orgasms involving Epstein, Ms. Maxwell, and other “older” women. Jane testified that they would “start with Ghislaine or Jeffrey … (summon), everyone would follow them into Jeffrey’s bedroom or massage room.”

She traveled by private jet and commercial plane to Epstein’s home in New York, where she was struck by the “creepy” artwork of naked women and mounted animals, she said.

While visiting Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse, she said she was called to her room and told to “twist her face and squeeze her nipples when she arrives”.

On another occasion she traveled to Epstein’s farm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she was again invited to his room.

“My heart sank in my stomach because I didn’t want to go see him,” she said.

Jane testified that she did not say anything about the sexual abuse because she was embarrassed and thought it was her fault.

Her mother was “fascinated” by these affluent people who were taking an interest in her and told her that she should be grateful for the attention.

“I was afraid I would get in trouble if I said something,” she says, adding that she didn’t even tell her siblings.

When the prosecutor, Ms. Mo, asked how the abuse had affected her, she said: “How do you navigate a healthy relationship with a broken compass? I didn’t even understand what real love should look like.

“It ruined my self-esteem, ruined my self-worth. I didn’t know how men were supposed to treat me, and how I should have avenged it.”

At the age of 17 she moved to New York City, and Epstein helped her family with an apartment and paid for tuition at a private school.

When he got his first break as an actor, he said he sent Epstein a signed photo that read: “You rock my world”. When he looked back, he said, but he said that his mother had asked him to send the picture.

She cut off contact with Epstein after falling “crazy in love” in 2002, and says she began leaving increasingly agitated phone messages for him.

As her acting career progressed, Jane relocated to Los Angeles, and she says she tried to put it behind her, partly for fear of repercussions in Hollywood.

“I’ve always wanted to keep this past to myself and move on with my life. I’m proud to have my own career and have my own husband and kids, and I work in the entertainment industry and suffer-shaming today.” Very present too,” she said.

“I just wanted it to go away.”

Under cross-examination from Laura Meninger, Jane said she first reported the abuse to the FBI in 2019, months before Epstein died by suicide while awaiting trial for underage sexual abuse. She admitted that she had participated in interviews with two personal injury lawyers.

Ms Meninger asked her several times whether she had reported Ms Maxwell’s alleged misconduct to the FBI.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

Jane sued Epstein’s estate and Ms Maxwell, and dropped the civil cases after being awarded $5m from a fund set up for her victims, ultimately paying $2.9m after legal costs.

The cross-examination of Jane continues on Wednesday.


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