Protest in Chile after police shot Bazigar on the street

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    An emergency meeting was held in southern Chile following hundreds of protests and demonstrations by the government police.

    After police shot a street protester, municipal buildings in southern Chile were set on fire and protests erupted.

    The shooting took place in Pangipulli on the banks of a popular lake about 800 km south of the capital Santiago on Friday, against which hundreds of people took to the streets.

    Some protesters pelted stones at the police and threw stones at the police, while public buildings including the municipal headquarters were set on fire.

    According to officials, the Chilean police have taken into custody the officer involved in the shooting.

    Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado, who called his staff on Saturday to discuss the situation, condemned the arson and promised that justice would be done in the shooting.

    The Chilean government has ordered the police to hand over all records of the incident to the public ministry, which has launched an investigation.

    Public buildings were set on fire during protests after a police officer shot a street juggler in Panguipulli [Andres Quezada/Reuters]

    Extensive protests since the end of 2019 have subjected the country’s Caribeiro Police Force to intense scrutiny with local and international surveillance groups accusing them of force and human rights violations.

    The news agency AFP reported that the shooting took place after Bazigar refused to cooperate with the police search by two uniformed men.

    The news agency said the check resulted in controversy, with one of them firing on street performers, according to a widely circulated video on local channels and social media.

    “We regret the loss of this young juggler. I hope justice is done, ”Ricardo Valdivia, the mayor of Picagulli, told Radio Cooperativa.

    Santiago residents angrily beat Potts and Paan during the shooting, while Chillis called on social media for reforms and condemned what happened.

    “Pedro Gandolfo tweeted,” This should not have happened in a police force with a minimum professional level. “A shameful act with a sad result.”

    Pangipulli municipal building was set on fire by protesters angry over the killing of a street juggler by a police officer [Alicia Caceceres/ATON CHILE/AFP]

    Boris van der Speck, editor-in-chief of the multimedia news site Chile Today, told Al Jazeera that at the heart of the problem is a lack of police force reform.

    “It has been like this for the past few decades, because the police as an institution have not been reformed since the years of Pinoshe, which dictatorship ended in the 1990s,” he said. “We saw the result of the lack of those reforms during the social uprising, when major human rights groups reported on rights violations. The police do not know anything but the excessive force they display each time. “

    He The couple added, “There is a lot of tension in Chile in general. A lot of human rights violations, atrocities have been perpetrated by Chilean police in the huts near the capital, which we never heard of. “


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