PS5 Dualikens controller has ‘417 hours’ according to new tests

    The cause has been identified, but it is a little harder to fix

    Sony’s PS5 dualdisk controller issues are outlined in a new video that estimates the hardware’s working lifetime.

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    In the video torn by I fix it The DualSense Controller, which was recently posted to YouTube, has been stripped down and its internal functioning exposed in an effort to correct drift issues.

    The joystick module used in the manufacture of dualikens controllers is described as “off the shelf”. This is the same hardware used by the Xbox Elite controller, which is known to have similar issues.

    Affected users hoping to recover quickly dashed their expectations from the video, causing the PS5 controller to see 14 different solder points that needed to melt before tampering with the joystick module. There also requires a similar process to release the haptic motor wires.

    While this can be done, and a replacement joystick may temporarily solve the problem, a I fix it The team confirmed that the issues did not appear to be connected to them at all.

    Digging deeper into the hardware, the team found a few potentiometers attached to each joystick, which could be worn during regular use. Some other possible reasons were listed as dualins were disabeled, including the over-stretching of a spring that was unable to return to its default location, realizing your character’s ‘focal point’ .

    Using a standard game of Call of Duty: Warzone £ 59.99 To estimate the possible lifetime of the controller, I fix it The estimated average PS5 DualSense will have approximately 417 hours of full performance. After this, the hardware will begin to malfunction, meaning that the average player may notice issues that occur after a few months.

    An American law firm recently hit Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) with a class-action lawsuit alleging that PS5 DualCity controllers are malfunctioning due to drift.

    It has also been claimed that Sony was reportedly made aware of the situation “through online consumer complaints, its complaints directly by consumers, and its pre-release testing”.

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