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White House press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged Friday that President Joe Biden is likely to receive only a portion of his proposed $3.5 trillion spending package, saying a “compromise is necessary” and “inevitable”.

“He understands that he can’t get everything he wants in this package, and others can’t get everything they want in this package, but I’m going to put it here,” Saki said at a briefing. I will not tell further.” That the White House is trying to “gather all the ideas, gather all the voices, find out what’s in store for everyone, and both laws have been passed.”


“We are working towards integrating a route to complete these two packages,” Saki told reporters. “Compromise is necessary, inevitable.”

In discussing Biden’s ongoing talks on the prized Build Back Better agenda, Psaki emphasized the need to “work with members in the Senate to get them to a place where they have a clear path on this agenda.” Have a commitment.”

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McConnell and Graham ask CBO for ‘real cost’ of Biden spending plan

When asked about the lack of confidence in the White House, Joe is questioning the talks between the White House and moderate Democrats like West Virginia Sen. And insisted that the conversations and conversations taking place are “healthy.”

In an effort to balance broader viewpoints with those of many Democratic senators, the White House is becoming more open to the idea of ​​a “compromise.”

If the price tag on the reconciliation bill is lowered, it is unclear whether all progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT will vote for it. Sanders says $3.5 trillion is about as little as he wants to go, insisting he wants a total of $5 trillion instead. Manchin, on the other hand, wants a lower price, believing the price tag for the Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill should be above $1.5 trillion.

Saki also failed to state that progress has been made regarding the talks. “As we said in a statement last night, ‘We’re not quite there yet,’ we’re still working towards it, that’s still the case today,” Psaki said, noting that Biden was “across the country.” Will travel in” at least “one day, maybe two” next week to promote the treasured Build Back Better agenda.

But Psaki denies that the White House is not expecting a deal this week.