He Stood upright and smiled, quietly conversing with the people as he awaited his sentence in a Moscow court on Tuesday evening. He Several times with his hands made a mark of heart, possibly for his wife of 20 years, Yulia, who was sitting in the court wearing red clothes.

The sharpest thorn in favor of Russian President Vladimir Putin, anti-corruption campaigner and anti-leader Alexei Navalny was sentenced to three and a half years in a penal colony. HeCredit will be given for the time already given under ‘House arrest’.

Nevertheless, the Navalni will be deprived of their freedom for at least two and a half years until something changes. The condemnation was strong from all over the world. International diplomats and leaders were probably ready to let their statements go and hit the bus to be sent. The sentence was not unexpected.

COURT worked to advance Navalny’s life

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for Navalny’s immediate release.

“Like every Russian citizen,” his statement read, “Mr. Navalny is entitled to the rights provided in the Russian Constitution, and has international obligations to respect equality before Russia’s law and freedom of expression and the rights of a peaceful assembly . ” Russia’s foreign ministry said that Western calls to free Navalny are “divorced from reality.”

Navalny’s sentence relates to the 2014 fraud case, on which the European Court of Human Rights decision was unlawful, arbitrary and politically motivated. Russia is actually part of the jurisdiction of the European court, so its ruling matters not only morally, but also technically.

But the Russian courts ignored it and the judge ruled on Tuesday that Navalny had violated the terms of his parole and would now have to pay for it.

Navalny has claimed time and again that he did not flee Russia – he was taken out of the country after suffering a Novichok attempt on his life in a coma. This made it impossible to enforce parole conditions at home.

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room,” a defective Navalny told the judge today. “We know why this is happening. Because of the hatred and fear of a man in a bunker. Because I killed them while alive after trying to kill me on their orders.”

Navalny often refers to Putin as “the old man in the bunker”. The Kremlin also refrains from using Navalny’s name, often referring to him as a “Berlin patient”.

Navalny, with characteristic boldness and edge, went on to tell the court that not only was Putin angry, he had survived eating poison, but he said Navalny went on to investigate and solve his own case Were (because there was not even a Kremlin) opened).

Navalny did so with the help of a team of journalists and identified the squad of alleged killers which he had obtained over the phone. The agent, who was tricked into thinking he was talking to a fellow security services foot soldier, told a disguised navalny that his poison had been applied to the crotch of his blue boxer shorts.

“No matter how much Putin tries to do as a geopolitist,” Nalani said in court today, his main resentment towards me is that he would go down in history as a poison. Alexander the Liberator and Yaroslav the Wise. Now we will have the poison of Vladimir underpants. ” He Putin was described as “a short, tiring man”.

RUSSIA ARRESTS OVER More than 4,000 long wide navings

Navalny was arrested last month on his return to Russia from Germany, where he was treated for Novichok poisoning. Two days later, his team released a two-hour documentary on “Putin’s Palace”, a billion-dollar structure Navalni claims Putin but was paid for by his friends. He It was called the world’s biggest bribe.

After speaking to sources using drone footage and life-like rendering, Navalny pulled out a luxury eye-digging lair, including vineyards, oyster fields, to get involved in the construction. An elaborate fountain / bar called “Aqua Disco”. And an $ 800 toilet brush, to name a few details. The Kremlin has called the story fake and said that the palace does not belong to Putin.

But more than 100 million views have taken place and have convinced enough that popular anger has led to tens of thousands across Russia over the past two years, amid illegal procedures and Navalny’s idea of ​​what he calls extra-legal procedures. Motivated to take to the streets over the weekend. . Thousands have been detained.

But many of the protesters have maintained a sense of humor, using the toilet brush as a symbol of anger over corruption. They too have come up with an anthem, a hastily put together catchy tune and are now viral called “Aqua Discoteca”. The protesters have danced to it, in part possibly to keep it warm in sub-zero temperatures of the Russian winter.

Navalni’s message to supporters today was not to be afraid and to speak out against corruption. He Russia is a big country and it cannot arrest everyone. Navlani insists that people’s living standards should be better in a resource-rich country.

“We have 20 million people below the poverty line,” he said. “Millions of people live without the slightest possibilities for the future. Life in Moscow is more or less fine, but if you drive 100 kilometers (62 miles) away, it is full of poverty. This whole country is in this poverty And stays in the government. Efforts are being made to shut them down with such show trials. “

Navalny’s team called for immediate protests around the Kremlin, but the area was ringed with impressive battalions of riot police.

It is not clear what the next chapter of this story will be. But Navalny promised in court today that she would not give up her fight to rid Russia of corruption. At this point, some suspect him.