Putting the buyer first: how top sales professionals succeed

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How can sales intelligence tools and a new approach in a virtual setting help build trust with B2B customers?

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In B2B sales, not unlike other business segments, the shift to virtual lasted too long and proved too successful to anticipate any quick rebound to pre-Covid practices. As recent surveys found, currently only 17 percent of shoppers’ time is spent meeting in person with potential suppliers, and 57 percent of them are happy to buy from a seller they’ve never met face-to-face. have not been found.

Although fully aware of this new trend, sales professionals are often oblivious to the new perspectives, perspectives and digital tools that need to be adopted to thrive in this new medium.

How can online professional network information oil the wheels of virtual selling?


The traditional image of glib salesmen snowing Eskimos is already a thing of the past. Today, there are more sophisticated data driven ways to exceed sales quotas. Being armed and understanding with accurate, timely or real-time information before reaching or engaging with customers now proves to be a more effective way of building relationships.

Corporate decision makers nowadays rely on sales professionals who take into account the needs of their buyers and their organization throughout the customer journey and follow up on the deal in the implementation and project appraisal phase. They will be attracted to salespeople who are knowledgeable about the strengths, as well as limitations, of their offerings, and are willing to walk away from the deal and point the customer to a different provider’s product if they know it is. Will deliver better solution to their problem.

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But it is not only the customer’s company and alternative solutions across the market that future salespeople will need to negotiate with, but also some of the individuals who typically make up the customer’s purchasing committee and for the various stages of the purchase decision. are responsible. -Construction.

Purchasing committees consist of individuals with various concerns and biases, therefore, it is essential for the sales professional to collect relevant data about their background in order to provide appropriate material or relevant insights for them. Background search can also turn cold messaging on a prospect on a professional social media platform like LinkedIn. This is a popular strategy, although it often fails because it omits the necessary steps to build buyer-first relationship.

Buyer First Sale – A Practice, as well as a Philosophy

Data collected and analyzed by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, with over 774 million members globally, appears to bear these new trends, with 63 percent of UK sellers using LinkedIn as a source of sales intelligence. do as. But the platform has served to illustrate not only how effective virtual selling is transforming, but also how to drive it forward. In order to turn “buyer first” into an established practice, the company has highlighted the gap between buyer’s expectations and sellers’ assumptions about them.

as of recent linkedin survey As pointed out, while buyers view active listening as the attribute they value most from the seller, this quality doesn’t even rank among the top five recruitment criteria among recruiters. There is a similar discrepancy in how both sides view the buyer-first principle. Nearly half of the sales professionals who participated claimed that they put the needs of their clients’ organizations first. However, only 12 percent of buyers agreed that this was indeed the case. Having identified these gaps, LinkedIn has developed sales solutions that enable salespeople to be the kind of informed challenging shoppers who can challenge their thinking and come up with ideas that are They couldn’t reach themselves – the type that currently only a 10 percent say they encounter regularly in their professional lives.

Discover how linkedin sales solutions Can empower your organization to create business opportunities

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