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Queen Elizabeth II will not step down anytime soon.

The claim was made by Dickie Arbiter, the monarch’s former press spokesman, amid concerns over his health after the 95-year-old canceled a trip to Northern Ireland this week following medical advice.


“Remembrance Day is coming and is sacred in his diary,” Arbiter told “Good Morning Britain” on Thursday. “To suggest that she retreat, protection and fighting fire – the Queen will instead ask her officers to further intensify their engagements.”

The arbiter told the outlet there was a good reason for the Queen to step down.

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Queen Elizabeth cancels trip to Northern Ireland on advice of medical team

“During his coronation, he made a vow in the sight of God, and you can’t compare that promise to the Pope’s retirement,” he explained. “The Queen has been very loud a few days ago, which is why the doctors probably advised her to cancel her upcoming trip.”

He shared, “It’s a lot to ask of anyone at any age — even when she’s not at an engagement, King still has the paperwork.” “Officials at Buckingham Palace will be watching very carefully to speed up his engagements.”

On Wednesday, Buckingham Palace announced that Elizabeth had reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for a few days. While Mahal did not provide details on the decisions, she noted that she is “in good spirits” and disappointed that she will no longer be able to travel to Northern Ireland for engagements on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The Queen sends her warmest wishes to the people of Northern Ireland and looks forward to visiting in the future,” the palace said.

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Elizabeth is resting at Windsor Castle, where she has stayed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. The decision to cancel the trip was deemed not related to COVID.

Most recently, the Queen was seen using a walking stick at a major public event while attending a Westminster Abbey service marking the centenary of the Royal British Legion, an armed forces charity . She was previously photographed using a cane in 2003, but that was after knee surgery.

Britain’s longest-reigning and longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth is set to celebrate her platinum jubilee – 70 years on the throne – next year.

The Queen, who was widowed this year when Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99, still maintains a busy schedule of royal duties. On Tuesday, he held an audience with diplomats and hosted a reception at Windsor Castle for global business leaders.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II visits the set of the long-running television series Coronation Street in Manchester, England, Thursday 8 July 2021.

Despite his great age, the monarch politely declined the honor of being named “Old of the Year” by a British magazine. Oldie magazine published the Queen’s response on Tuesday to her suggestion that she follow in the footsteps of former recipients, such as actor Olivia de Havilland and artist David Hockney.

“Her Majesty believes that you are as old as you feel, as if the Queen does not believe that she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept, and hopes that you A more deserving recipient will be found,” said a letter from his assistant private secretary. Tom Lang-Baker. He concluded the letter “With the warm wishes of Your Excellency”.