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Erica, who has lived with her family in Forest Hills, Queens since 2010, made an unexpected, yet extraordinary discovery while renovating her two-story home recently. Behind nails, screws and sheetrock was hidden nearly century-old memorabilia.


It all started in 1929 with a hand-written letter to a man named Fred Jacoby. Erica said she went to the bathroom after the workers had finished for the day and then found the letter sitting right above the light switch.

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When he asked workers where it came from, they replied, “Off the roof.”

“One guy was like, ‘There was too much paper and too many letters. And I’m like, ‘Really, wow, where are they?’ And he said, ‘In the trash,'” Erica said.

Erica begins to retrieve once cherished items through garbage bags, which she believes fell from her attic.

Among the mementos were even more letters, a brochure from the Nagra School of Music, an envelope from the Greater New York Air Corps, a black and white photograph of a man in uniform, and an old black scrapbook.

“I’m trying to piece together who this family was and how they got out and what happened in their lives,” she said.

Now, social media executives are helping Erica track down any surviving relatives, offering to scan and archive documents and search through historical records. Erica said she hopes to somehow reunite these long-lost treasures with her loved ones.

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