R. Kelly’s associates plead guilty to bribing witnesses on her behalf

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    With the test R. According to Kellyhouse News, Kelly was set for September 2021, tapped by one of his colleagues. Kelly’s longtime friend Richard Arline Jr. today pleaded guilty to bribery charges, admitting that he offered money to one of Kelly’s alleged victims to drop the claim against him. Three people were arrested last August on charges of extorting or intimidating victims of Kelly’s alleged sex ring. Arline lodged her arguments through video conference.

    One of the victims, a woman who was 17 years old when Arline tried to pay her to stop her from pursuing her sexual relationship with Kelly, received phone call records between her and Arline last May and June Done. On the tapes, Earline is heard of an offer to send the woman $ 500,000 for cooperation with the authorities, the woman rejects her offer and demands $ 1 million within 24 hours. In a call, Arline requested the woman to destroy evidence including iPads and videos that could have been used against Kelly.

    In a brief statement, Arline admitted, “I knew what I did was wrong, and forgive me.” He will be sentenced in June. While there is no minimum mandatory for federal bribes, the maximum sentence is 15 years. Kelly’s manager Donnell Russell and Michael Williams, along with two others, were charged with setting fire to a rental SUV after posting nude photos of one victim on Facebook and YouTube and threatening other victims Was.


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