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US Rand Paul, R-Ky., spoke Friday night on Granthshala News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” responding to Laura Ingraham hosting the Biden administration’s “Spend-o-Rama” agenda.

Manchin calls Sanders a ‘self-proclaimed independent socialist’


US Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY: Yes, I’ve been noticing the trend for many years and that’s why my wife and I wrote our book, “The Case Against Socialism,” because we were worried that trend lines were going up. With more and more people wanting so-called “free things”, wanting to experiment with socialism.

But I think now we’ve seen eight, nine months of big official socialism coming from Biden, and people are beginning to understand that there are consequences.

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One consequence of this is that prices are rising. The biggest increase in the cost of living we have now is for Social Security. But the question is, will it keep up with the prices? What if prices go up 10% next year? What happens to Social Security and low-wage earners?

So yes, I think the results are coming. Big government socialism doesn’t work and people are unhappy with it.

But it is important for people to know, but they also need to know the history of socialism: that every time in world history it has been tried, it always ends with state-sponsored authoritarianism and violence. So it’s not a pleasant system to live in, but it’s also a terrible system financially if you want to try to move forward for yourself and your family.

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