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US Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a physician who has been a vocal critic of Democrats’ policies and positions regarding the coronavirus, appeared on “Hannity” Friday night, where he discussed the problematic US distribution of monoclonal antibodies Which can help protect Americans from the virus.

Paul suggested that with the Democrats running Washington, potentially life-saving antibodies could be delivered according to a socialist thinking rather than a capitalist scheme that emphasizes basic concepts of supply and demand.


States warn of COVID-19 antibody drug shortage

US Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY: [You have to] Realize that this is the difference between social medicine and capitalism. Under capitalism when demand increases – and Florida just increased demand – you increase supply. Supply matches demand in capitalism.

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In socialism you have political reasons. So it could be that they think there are more abusive people in Florida – more Republicans or more unvaccinated. And so decisions will be taken for political reasons.

But if this was capitalism, and it was going to market, companies would be ramping up production and distributing it where it was needed. It is a life saver.

We also have to change the recommendations coming from Fauci and the CDC, to allow people to take it inpatient. You can be a patient with relatively good oxygenation – talking, not yet on a ventilator – but they won’t give it to you if you’ve had more than 10 days of symptoms or if you’re an inpatient.

You may have symptoms for four days, get admitted to the hospital. You still meet the criteria as symptomatic, but once you cross the threshold from the ER to the hospital, they deny you treatment.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going on, a lot of lives could be saved if we allowed monoclonal antibodies to be used.

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