Randy Orton sent a message to Steve Austin on Twitter; Austin responded

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    Randy Orton has questioned when he will be invited to Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show on the WWE Network.

    Writing on twitterThe 14-time WWE World Champion stated that it is “f **** d up” that he has not yet appeared in the interview series.

    Randy Orton“>
    Randy Orton’s tweet to Steve Austin

    Steve Austin previously hosted another show, The Stone Cold Podcast, from December 2014 to August 2016 on the WWE Network. His latest show, Broken Skull Sessions, debuted in November 2019, with The Undertaker appearing as the first guest. Randy Orton has not attended any shows.

    Texas rattlesnake Randy Orton’s tweet responded Simply put, “Patience, Randall. Patience ..”

    When will Randy Orton appear in a broken skull session?

    How Steve Austin responded to Randy Orton“>
    How Steve Austin responded to Randy Orton

    Given Steve Austin’s reaction, an episode of Broken Skull Sessions with Randy Orton is almost certain to be on stage. However, it is unclear when the potential episode may air.

    The next episode of Broken Skull Sessions featuring Sasha Banks will air in February. Steve Austin’s previous guests on the show included The Undertaker (x2), Goldberg, Kane, Big Show, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle and Jerry Lawler. From the current WWE roster, he has recently interviewed Drew McIntire and Belle.

    Published on 02 February 2021, 21:10 CET

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