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Rap star Pitbull celebrated patriotism during a concert, and criticized critics in the United States for not appreciating the country.

The first-generation Cuban-American rap star said, “Whoever doesn’t like f—the United States, God bless you, but f— you at the same time.” Concert stage in a video going viral on social media.


“If you don’t like the United States, go back to the countries we f— from, and you’ll see how much you appreciate the United States of America,” Pitbull, born Armando Christian Perez , to continue.

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It is unclear when the concert was held, but a post on Twitter last week and followed similar examples of the rapper declaring his love and admiration for America.

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His mother came to the country from Cuba through Operation Peter Pan, which lasted from 1960–1962, while his father arrived in the US through a visa lottery. Pitbull credits his family’s immigration to America from communist Cuba for his work ethic and success.

“They knew what this country had to offer is that you can control your destiny.” He said in 2015 of his family. “You had the opportunity. And the number one thing you’ve had is freedom.”

Patriotism has flared up in America in recent months. The notion of the American flag as a divisive symbol has spread into mainstream culture, while various videos on college campuses show students struggling to say whether they are “proud” to be American and even “proud” to be American. That is also saying that the US Constitution should be abolished.