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Joe Giudice is fighting his deportation case with a new lawyer.

The ex-husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice wants to return to the United States to be closer to their four daughters: Gia, 20, Gabriella, 17, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 12.


Joe, who is not a US citizen, has been living in his native Italy since October 2018. He was deported after completing his three-year prison sentence for fraud.

“I want to be able to see my kids again in their home state, be a part of their lives, be physically present when they need me and watch them grow up,” says Joe. he said. us weekly, “I yearn to have my grandmother in my arms again before the time comes [in which] He is no longer on this earth. [I want to] stay with my mom [and] My family, to live in the place I’ve called home since I was a year old.”

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Teresa and Joe Giudice finalize divorce after 20 years of marriage

According to the outlet, she hired immigration attorney Jessica M. Cadavid, who told Us Weekly that she was filing a waiver of disallowance, which is “a kind of pardon from the United States government.”

,[But] We hope that this time, we can take a look at his file that has passed since his deportation and the fact that he has a family here, he still has kids here,” Cadavid told the outlet. Could have asked the government for pardon and at least come back to see his family.”

Joe had previously appealed against the deportation order in November 2018, but he The appeal was denied in April 2019,

‘Real Housewives’ star Joe Giudice says daughters with ex Teresa are ‘truly perfection’

Teresa and Joe decided to end their marriage In December 2019 after two decades of marriage. The couple reached this decision after reuniting with their children in Italy in November 2019.

While abroad, the former couple “discussed their future” and “agreed that each had to move on,” a source close to the family told PEOPLE at the time.

who is not a US citizen and is residing in his native Italy.  Teresa lives in New Jersey with her four daughters.

Teresa and Joe were childhood friends and tied the knot in October 1999. The couple hasn’t lived under the same roof in four years after pleading guilty to financial fraud in 2014.

Joe Giudice responds to criticism that doesn’t ‘work’

Teresa first served her sentence and was released in December 2015. Joe began his 41-month prison term in March 2016.

Teresa and Joe divorced after 20 years of marriage.

The former couple finalized their divorce in September 2020.

“Joe and Teresa successfully mediated all of the issues surrounding their marriage through private mediation with me,” said Vicky Ziegler, the divorce attorney from New Jersey, who handled the mediation. Joe and Teresa told Granthshala News in a statement. “They are not divorced yet and it is only a formality to wait for the divorce verdict. The logistics of COVID and long distance were all thrown away as the parties were able to compromise and work on important issues for the benefit of their girls “

In October 2021, Teresa announced her engagement to her boyfriend Luis Ruelas after dating for over a year. The new couple moved into a million-dollar new home in New Jersey, which reportedly has 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms per hour. page six.

Fans first met Ruells in May during the “RHONJ” season 11 finale.