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If Peter Griffin is your favorite character from “Family Guy,” you can get a custom video greeting or watch a fun skit from someone who looks and sounds like the real deal.

According to the South West News Service, 33-year-old Robert Franzis has entertained millions of fans with his Peter Griffin cosplay and impressions over the past decade.


He first donned the character’s signature look at New York Comic Con in 2012, when he discovered that his original Ghost Rider costume was packed with Jacob K. It was too hot for the Javits Convention Center.

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Instead of wearing a mask and leather biker outfit, Franzis chose clothing he had brought in his suitcase and designed a climate-friendly Peter Griffin outfit with a simple button-down, slacks, and glasses.

According to Franzis, his last-minute switch was an instant hit as soon as people heard his spot-on impressions.

Since then, Franzis has gone viral on several occasions as Peter Griffin and has become a regular fixture on the comic convention circuit.

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Franzis told Granthshala News that he did not attend New York Comic Con this year, which concluded the four-day run on Sunday, October 10. Instead, he plans to make his return to the conventions in 2022.

“I currently film shout-out videos on Cameo, as well as maintain multiple social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter,” he wrote in an email.

Robert Franz was able to meet comic book legend Stan Lee while donning his Peter Griffin cosplay, which consists of green slacks, a white button-down shirt, black belt, and round glasses.

Franzese has created nearly 800 custom video greetings on Cameo and has received 5-star ratings from customers who have purchased clips for commercial efforts and personal use.

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His most-viewed impression on TikTok has garnered over 9.2 million views, an impressive feat considering he joined the platform in June 2021.

In addition to creating content that can be consumed digitally, Franz has attended parties and other formal events as Peter Griffin.

The talent of the Long Island native did not go unnoticed by the “Family Guy” team. Franzis promoted the show’s mobile game app in 2017 and interviewed various voice actors from the show, including Seth Green, Adam West, and Ralph Garman.

In the show’s 2019 episode “You Can’t Handle the Booth” (Season 17, Episode 16), Franzis receives a shout-out to himself from the “Family Guy” crew.

At the moment, Franzis doesn’t have any plans for Halloween, but he told Granthshala News that he has plans for his future.

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“I look forward to becoming a voice actor for animation in the future,” Franzis wrote. “Peter is one of many voices I can repeat, including but not limited to most Looney Tunes and Muppets, SpongeBob characters, and more.”