Record number of Christmas films to be released in 2021

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Get ready for hundreds of new festive movies

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A record-breaking number of new films will be released in 2021 with ‘Christmas’ in the title.

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More than 200 new festive feature films and TV movies to be released this year are listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for release this year – a figure that has doubled since 2016 and quadrupled since 2011.

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Brandon Gray, Co-Host deck the hallmark podcast and one of the authors of a new book called I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies, Told BBC News,[Hallmark] Bet really big on Christmas and everyone else looked at the ratings.”


Several new movies – including silent Night, starring Keira Knightley, and Netflix’s single all the way – The numbers are not included because the title does not include the mention of Christmas, which means that the total number of festive films is even higher.

“For viewers, it’s a way to escape and feel for at least two hours between the craziness of the holiday season and the craziness of the world we’ve been in over the years,” Gray continued.

‘Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas’. credit: netflix/ardman

“They have the same aesthetic because they figured out what works: ‘If we keep everything basically the same — not too funny, not too sad — people will go from one movie to the next.” So you have two people who fall in love and have some sort of misunderstanding with about 30 minutes and then they figure it out, and they kiss.

“And you do it over and over again, and as long as it looks and feels the same, people will see one after the other.”

Gray also noted that Christmas movies were more focused on diversity, adding: “It’s no longer just putting a person of color on screen in a white world, but they’re actually telling stories like that.” are the ones that make you feel authentic ‘looking at the screen.


Earlier today (December 8) it was reported that Netflix’s festive schedule alone is made up of 23 Christmas movies and TV shows.

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