Rep. Mark Green, R-Sen, said on “America Reports” on Wednesday that he was “offended” when he heard Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DNY, condemns the use of the term “escalation” when discussing the ongoing border crisis.

“They want to say, ‘But what about the boom?” “Well, first of all, just check, stop. Whoever is deliberately using the word ‘rise’ around you, trying to implement a militaristic frame.”

AOC should only find out about the birth of the child before birth

REP Mark Green: If I say cancer is bad, then the AOC is going to say that I am racist. That is all that comes out of their mouths these days. This is ridiculous. Those CBP agents are doing their best to take care of those children there. It is absolutely insane to say that it is racist in one way or another, pointing out the fact that there has been a 400 percent increase. He is absurd.

And it is very clear that Joe Biden, who repealed the policies implemented by Trump, has done whatever you want to call it on this large scale. I call it a tragedy.

She Want to call it something else and then those of us who are calling it racist. He is absurd. It is only the specific mantra of these leftists who are running the administration today and those who are running the House of Representatives. this is absurd. I am angry and so should those CBP agents.

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