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The journalist behind the viral report claimed that Sen. Joe Manchin was considering leaving the Democratic Party, doubling down after the West Virginia lawmaker reportedly denied it.

David Korn, the Washington DC bureau chief of Mother Jones, stoked a political fire Wednesday with a report Manchin told aides he was considering leaving the party if President Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill $3.5 million. Couldn’t reach their demands in the trillions of cuts. Spending bills at a $1.75 trillion price tag. And that, “according to those who have heard Manchin discuss it,” he will develop an exit strategy and declare himself an “American independent.”


Munchkin Calls ‘Bulls—‘ on Reports of Leaving the Democratic Party

Manchin later told reporters that he had “no control over the rumours”, before calling Wednesday’s report a “bull—“.

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“Bulls—spelled with a bull, capital ‘B,'” Manchin said.

Appearing on MSNBC, Korn maintained confidence in his reporting despite Manchin’s vehement denial.

“Today, he called the report BS. I can tell you the sourcing is impeccable, and he knows it! He knows what we know!” Korn told MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Manchin perseveres, declares he can’t help spending trillions

The Mother Jones journalist suggested that since his reporting exposed Munchkin’s alleged plans, his exit from the Democratic Party is now “off the table.”

“He has now said it’s the bull. It’s really true,” said Corn. “He himself has taken it off the table because if he’s about to do it now, he’ll really show that what he’s saying is bullshit that he was lying. That’s why he’s kicked out.”

Manchin’s office did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

according to corn report good, Munchkin’s alleged exit strategy was “two-step”, first handing a letter to Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D.N.Y. Resigning from the Democratic leadership and seeing if his political move will affect talks on Capitol Hill. And then about a week later, if Manchin doesn’t get his way, he’ll change his voter registration from Democrat to independent.

Kirsten Cinema, Munchkin with D-Ariz., has been a key target for stalling the Biden agenda rather than passing on the trillion-dollar spending spree by progressive leftists and their liberal media allies.