Reports of children mimicking ‘Squid Game’ alarm Quebec parents and schools

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huge popularity of netflix series squid game In which adults playing children’s games have been made fatal, causing fear among Quebec parents and school boards that violence is being copied on school playgrounds.

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Guillaume Tellon-Chrétien said his eight-year-old daughter came home one evening last week, afraid to return to school. “He told me the older kids were playing games from here squid game,said Talon-Chrétien, whose daughter is in grade 3 at an elementary school in Masseuville, northeast of Montreal.

He said that the series is “not exactly suited” for young children, but that the school had a girl playing a doll who determines which characters die. “And she was reproducing it, reproducing when they were shot, lying face down on the ground,” he said.


Several school boards in the province recently issued statements warning parents that students should imitate games on playgrounds. The South Korean series features 456 desperate, indebted adults fighting each other to the death for a chance to win a prize of nearly $48 million.

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Sylvain Rasset, director general of the Riverside School Board in the Montreal suburb of Longueil, said the board sent parents a notice on Monday because it wants them to understand how upset squid game It is possible. Rasset said he was concerned about reports from other schools that had seen children imitating the show.

In the first episode, tournament participants play a twisted version of the children’s game “Red Light, Green Light” in which the doll character shoots those caught walking during a red light.

The show is only rated for mature audiences, and schools from Australia to the United Kingdom are reportedly asking parents to make sure their children don’t watch it. squid game play at leisure.

“We wanted to make sure all of our community knew what this show is about,” Rackett said. “And they take time, as I did with my two boys, nine and 13 — I sat down with them to talk about it. It’s important that we all do that.”

The Riverside School Board statement said that “violent storytelling fosters a sense of confusion among young audiences and increases the effect of shocking images or, worse, normalizes or diminishes acts of violence.”

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Montreal psychologist Nadia Gagnier said parents provide the most influence and guidance for young children. He stopped looking at the children and said squid game Not enough; Parents should discuss this incident as a way to reassure their children and build trust.

“Everyone is talking about it, so pretending to be nothing, I don’t think it’s the best approach,” Gagnier said.

Talon-Chrétien said he was surprised to hear his daughter talk about the show, as he and his wife watched it late into the night to prevent their children from watching it.

He said that his daughter had a difficult time initially, but once she did, she was emotionally disturbed by what was happening at school. “It made my blood boil. It’s not really a show made for kids,” he said. “I know it’s fiction, but it’s very violent.”

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Gagnier said parents and school boards should refrain from exaggerating the danger.

“We can’t be dramatic and say they are all future psychopaths,” she said. “Yes, these images can be impactful to young people, which can generate nightmares and anxiety.

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What parents need to watch out for, Gagnier said, is for kids who are already prone to aggressive behavior and violence, then “the show will add another layer.”

For Rose Deschues, an elementary school teacher in Ste-Julien in the Lanaudier area of ​​Quebec, it was already difficult to teach children to make good choices about violence and video games.

“It is the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” Deschen said. She said that she has seen young children imitating the show’s game on the playground. she said subjects squid game were also visible in the students’ artwork, so they decided to check it out.

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“It’s sadly impressive how similar it is,” Deschenes said. However, he admitted that squid game This is not the first nor will it be the last violent incident to leave children mesmerised.

Gagnier said that when it comes to violence on the show, as with the problems caused by social media, having an honest conversation is more beneficial than repression.

“But of course, any parent who allows their kids under 18 to watch a ‘squid game’ is asking more trouble and making their own parenting life harder.” making,” she said.


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