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NS Biden The administration is facing criticism over reports that the United States government is preparing to remove the Colombian rebel group FARC from its list of foreign terrorist organizations.

US State Department, according to Reuters, told Congress on Tuesday about plans to oust the FARC, five years after the rebel group signed a peace deal with the Colombian government.


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“President Biden’s Delisting #FARC As a foreign terrorist organization undermines US security interests and stability #colombia and only serves as a gift to the criminal Maduro regime in #venezuelaJim Rish, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, tweeted on Tuesday. “The administration should reverse its course.”

“premature raise #FARCDesignation as a terrorist organization is an exercise in appeasement,” Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee added on Twitter. “They have not committed an act of remorse or remorse for the ongoing narco-terrorism against innocent Colombians and Americans. Our regional allies deserve better from this administration.”

Alfonso Cano, who was the FARC commander until he was killed in November of 2011.

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State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed that the US had informed Congress of the action taken with respect to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, widely known by its abbreviation, FARC. Price, however, declined to explain what the action was.

The FARC fought an era of devastating political violence in Colombia for half a century, carrying out bombings, killings, kidnappings and attacks in the name of redistributing wealth to Colombia’s poor.

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The group signed a peace deal in 2016 and participated in the UN-monitored decommissioning of its last accessible weapons in 2018. Price called the peace deal “a turning point in some ways in the long-running Colombian conflict”.

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