Resign to restore women’s confidence in police, Cressida Dick told

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Cressida Dick must resign to restore women’s confidence in the Metropolitan Police, senior politicians said Thursday after details of the failures surfaced after an officer falsely arrested a woman for kidnapping and murdering her.

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Tory MP Caroline Noakes, chair of Parliament’s Women and Equality Committee, joined former Labor Justice Secretary Harriet Herman and a group of others who called on the commissioner to step down over the murder of Sarah Everard.

The weather chief was forced to confess to Wayne Coozens’ crimes, which broke the bond of trust between the public and the police.


Outside the Old Bailey, “There are no words that can express the fury and enormous sadness that we all feel at what happened to Sarah,” she said. “Excuse me.”

Couzens, who murdered Ms Everard after kidnapping her in south London under the guise of arrest, was known by police colleagues as a “rapist” because of her behavior – and shortly before she was murdered, she was a rapist. An inquiry was held about the alleged sexual offence. Hunt.

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Five officers are under investigation for allegedly sharing objectionable material with Cousins ​​in a WhatsApp group prior to the murder.

The force also acknowledged Thursday that a 2015 indecent exposure charge involving Couzens was dropped during its investigation process, and continues to investigate whether he was responsible for other unsolved crimes.

It later took the extraordinary step of issuing safety advisories to women who are suspected of male officers, suggesting they “shout to a passerby, run into a house or take a bus down” when in fear.

Ms Harman, who chairs Parliament’s Joint Human Rights Committee, said in a letter to the commissioner that it was “not possible” for her to continue in office because “the confidence of women in the police has been broken”.

Ramping up the pressure, Ms Noakes pointed out Granthshala: “It is clear that the weather needs to change to restore the confidence of women. Rebuilding the trust that is needed will be a huge challenge for Cressida Dick, and I am not sure she can meet.”

Yvette Cooper, who chairs Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee, said there should be a comprehensive independent investigation into the “deep failures in policing”, which allowed Coozens to serve as an officer, as well as serve Also in the wider culture.

Describing her call to release Dame Cressida, Ms Herman said: “There have been several warnings about perpetrators of male violence against women within the police force that she has not acted on, and she has taken notice of not given.

“It was under her watch that Wayne Coozens’ crimes, which he had committed, sex crimes, a few days earlier, were swept under the carpet by his associates and were not investigated. So, he also responded by saying that he There was a ‘bad’ un, as if it were a bad apple. I think he showed that he is not the person who is the change that is necessary.”

Writing to Home Secretary Priti Patel, Ms Harman explained a seven-step plan to reform the police in the wake of the murder.

The MP said that all serving police officers against whom there are allegations of violence against women should be regularly suspended.

He said that any officer who confesses to or is found guilty of such an offense should be immediately dismissed from the force, all recruits should be pre-screened for their attitude towards women, and that That officers who transfer between forces should face a check.

The Labor MP said: “I think the Home Secretary will ask herself: does she need to be absolutely sure as Home Secretary that that priceless bond of trust between women and the police in London is fulfilled as Home Secretary. Kind of safe.Know that it’s his responsibility.

“She’s bound to know that dramatic and immediate action is needed and she’ll also know that she won’t be able to rely on Cressida Dick to pursue it with determination. And so, I think she’s Cressida Would like to ask Dick to resign.

Ms Patel was asked whether the commissioner should resign, and she replied: “There are important questions and questions that I am asking, and there are challenges: we have to be honest about this, especially in this matter, but Also the conduct of that service. The officer and conduct of policing more broadly.


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