‘RHONY’ Alum Dorinda Medley calls ‘RHONJ’ star Jackie Goldsider ‘Lowest’

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    Jackie goldsmith Real housewives of new jersey After the season 11 premiere is at the center of controversies. The Bravo star was of an explosive story provoked by Terris Giudice. When the latter accuses Goldsteinader’s husband about cheating on her, the above makes an analogy that raises eyebrows. the former Real housewives of new york city Star Doranda Medley made it clear on Twitter where she stands in the feud.

    Dorinda Medley and Jackie Goldsmith | Sophie Holland / Bravo / Rodolfo Martinez

    What analogy did Jackie Goldshinder make about Jia Goldesis?

    RHONJ Fans were teased in an explosive season 11 and distributed to Bravo women. Right off the bat, Giudice is questioning whether Ivan is loyal to his wife. Gossip finally reaches the goldsmith’s ears and he encounters Judis at the house of Margaret Joseph.

    Goldsmith seems completely distraught about his marriage becoming a storyline in the show and endangering the peace in his family. Giudice says that she does not remember who told her the rumor, but convinces Goldsnider that she is not making it.

    Things get even more intense when Goldschneider makes an analogy, so Giudice can understand the seriousness of what he put there. As an example, Goldsnider says that he heard Jia do drugs in the bathroom, which led to Giudice flip out.

    “I made an analogy … you just can’t say anything, because once it is out there, it hurts,” explained Goldsmith. Showbiz cheat sheet. “And it’s unfortunate that Teresa didn’t notice that it was an analogy, which I think most people would see.”

    Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldsmith
    Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldsmith Rodolfo Martinez / Bravo

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    Dorinda Madeley takes a jab at Jackie Goldsnider

    Rhony Alum Madeley was one of the viewers watching the show’s season 11 premiere. She Took to Twitter to state his thoughts and his opinion was very clear on who he was going with.

    “[Jackie Goldschneider] Madeley tweeted the lowest,. “Teresa Giudice, you are a survivor and I love you.”

    The former Bravo personality ended her tweet using hashtags for “Biggest Mom” ​​and “I Love Jia”.

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    In another tweet, Madeley said, “What did you think?” She Also used hashtags for “Shame on you” and “Team Teresa Giudice”.

    Jackie Goldsnider reached a boiling point

    Goldsmith acknowledged that children and husbands should be off-limits. Although she mentions Gudeis’ daughter, she reveals that she was just making an analogy.

    “She He pushed me to my limits, I reached a boiling point, and I needed to understand how hurt words can be, ”he told us. “I presented it as an analogy. And I think she missed the fact, which was why she got ripped off. But I think most people can tell that it was an analogy. “

    Jackie goldsmith
    Jackie Goldsmith | Heidi Gutman / Bravo

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    Also explained to the mother of four Showbiz cheat sheet That he was not surprised by those allegations by Giudice. However, she did not believe that someone would “try to break up the family.”

    “I feel like the only person on the show who is so rude with this show, he can do something like this,” Goldsenhider explained. He said, “I didn’t do that.” But I’m still blown away that someone would have the audacity to try to break up a family with four young children and a beautiful marriage. “

    Real housewives of new jersey Season 11 will air on Bravo on Wednesday nights at 9 pm / 8 pm.

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