Richard Madeley leaves Good Morning Britain viewers furious after he mocks UK’s Eurovision entry Sam Ryder

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RICHARD Madeley left Good Morning Britain viewers furious today after he mocked UK’s Eurovision entry Sam Ryder.

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The Eurovision final airs on Saturday with 32-year-old TikTok star Sam representing the UK in Turin, Italy.

Richard Madeley angered GMB viewers today after failing to back the UK’s entry Sam Ryder
Sam will represent the UK at Eurovision on Saturday

Sam will represent the UK at Eurovision on SaturdayCredit: Reuters

Sam is now second favorite to win but Richard, who is often compared to fictional radio host Alan Partridge because of his on-air gaffes, scoffed when he heard his uplifting pop song Space Man on GMB today and said: “Nil points.”


Infuriated Eurovision fans raced to Twitter after hearing the remark, with one ranting: “GMB Richard Madeley is such a fan of Eurovision that he thinks the UK will get 0 points.

“Has he heard the song, follow Eurovisions Twitter feed. 1st favorite to win!!!!”

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A second person moaned: “Richard Madeley trotting out the usual ‘EUROPE HATES US’ whilst ignoring the fact that we haven’t even liked most of our own songs in the last decade.”

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Another tweeted Richard was being “cruel,” adding: “Lasted about 15 seconds. Turned onto hear Richard Madeley saying nil points for our Eurovision entrant.”

Sam has said he is focusing on not being “overwhelmed by the nerves” in the “hectic” lead-up to the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He co-wrote the track with Grammy-winning songwriter Amy Wadge, who has previously worked with Ed Sheeran and Max Wolfgang.

Ryder found fame covering songs on TikTok during lockdown, amassing 12 million followers and catching the attention of global stars including Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys.

Speaking ahead of the final, Ryder said: “I’m excited, I’m trying to be focused about it and just getting nice and practiced singing-wise and getting in the right headspace for it.

“It’s really hectic in the lead-up, so I think it’s important just to try and find that focus and balance, and just remember that it’s all about the singing, three minutes of singing.”

The singer-songwriter also revealed he has been getting advice from previous UK entrants of the competition ahead of the final.

“They gave me some tips and pointers and the main thing that keeps coming back is to just enjoy every moment of it, because it’s such a wonderful circus being a part of Eurovision and it’s unlike anything else in the world that you can do.”

“So I’m trying my best, like I said at the beginning, to stay focused and present and not getting too overwhelmed by the nerves. So that I can breathe in every moment,” Ryder added.

The 2021 competition was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, after the 2020 show was canceled due to the pandemic.

Graham Norton, who returns for his 13th Eurovision Song Contest commenting live on BBC One, said: “I’ve always loved Eurovision but somehow over the last few years it has become even more special.

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