Richard Madeley slams ‘thick’ students and asks if they want to rip up £10 notes as they remove Queen’s portrait

Richard Madley has criticized Oxford’s “stupid and fat” students after voting to remove the Queen’s photo from their common room.

In a shocking move, a committee of students at Magdalen College agreed that the painting of Queen Elizabeth would be removed because it “represents colonialism.”

Richard Madley asked if students also wanted to tear £10 notes

Discussing the issue on Good Morning Britain after 6.30 a.m. this morning, Richard, 65, said: “If you’re at Magdalen College you won’t see, you won’t wake up until 9, maybe 10.”

The host then waved the ten-pound note and shouted: “Will you tear it up?”

He continued: “There’s a picture of the Queen on it. There’s a little colonial culture in there. So would you stop using cash? I can’t help but think it’s a breeze. It’s so stupid that it is really thick.

“Have they not heard of the Commonwealth? Don’t they know what a Commonwealth is?

Susannah Reid says she was 'outraged' at Queen's cancellation

Susannah Reid says she was ‘outraged’ at Queen’s cancellation
The presenter explained the move after 6.30 a.m.—a time, he said, when students would not wake up.

The presenter explained the move after 6.30 a.m.—a time, he said, when students would not wake up.

“The Commonwealth which is presided over by the Queen and is one of the jewels in her crown, as it were, really meant an exit from colonialism.

“As I said I thought these people were considered some of the most talented people in the country.”

Members of the college’s committee oddly concluded that the portrait would now be “replaced by art or by other influential and inspirational people.”

The awakened students have been called “unpleasant” and “ignorant” by critics.

Portrait hanging in the common room of Magdalen College, Oxford

Portrait hanging in the common room of Magdalen College, Oxfordcredit: getty

Among those criticizing the decision was Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson.

He said: “The removal of the picture of the Queen by the students of Oxford University is absurd.

“She is the head of state and epitomizes the best thing about the United Kingdom.

“He has worked to promote British values ​​of tolerance, inclusivity and respect.”

Students and graduates have voted to remove the photo

Students and graduates have voted to remove the photocredit: Alamy

Gavin Williamson slams Oxford students who voted to remove Queen’s photo from Common Room because she ‘represents colonialism’

During the vote to remove the picture a student commented that “patriotism and colonialism are not really that different”.

While another said Her Royal Highness’s photo should be removed because “it’s about our communal space and making people feel welcome”, according to guido fox.

And if any future photos of the Queen or the Royal Family are to be shared, it must be decided by a vote.

The decision caused an uproar among the university royals, who believe the cancel culture has taken a step too far.

Gavin Williamson criticized the move

Gavin Williamson criticized the moveCredits: LNP

According to the committee’s minutes, an opponent in the vote said: “In an era where there is strong anger for canceling debate and culture without a forum, effectively ‘cancelling’ the Queen and her as a symbol of colonialism.” Branding – often used as a synonym for racism – sends a terrifying message that is certainly rage.

“Furthermore, it is culturally insensitive to have a common room, which contains massive numbers of international students, to remove a national emblem from a British institution.

“All nations have the right to respect their cultural heritage, and a common room that does not do so cannot claim to be inclusive.”

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