‘Rick and Morty’ release new anime short ‘The Great Yokai Battle Of Akihabara’

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Both venture to fix a high powered toaster

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A new anime short has been released for rick and morty To coincide with Halloween.

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Adult Swim has collaborated with major anime creators and directors on several shorts over the past year, including rick and morty Japanese voice actors, Yohei Tadano and Keisuke Chiba, take center stage on each of them.

The latest short film is directed by Masaru Matsumoto, known for his work Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars, and is animated by Yamato Works Inc.


Although the short itself is only available to US viewers, who can watch it. Here.

‘Rick and Morty’ season 5 finale cold open. credit: Adult Swim

Titled ‘The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara’, rick and morty Venture to Akihabara to find the right screw to complete a high-powered toaster that sends notifications when your toast is ready.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Akihabara is a famous district in Tokyo, Japan known for its many shops dedicated to electronics, anime, and manga. Just before things escalate in the kaiju vs giant robot fight, the arena is briefly built up.

The first short was released in March 2020 titled ‘Samurai and Shogun’, which takes place in an alternate dimension as Samurai Rick fights a pile of Ninja Ricks.


Next came Rick and Morty vs. Genocide, where Rick is hunted down by a bastion of evil Morty and Ricks, who are masquerading as a group called the Genosiders.

rick and morty Season five concluded last month, with season six underway in production.

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