Ringleader of Insulate admits he ‘doesn’t care’ about insulation

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The kingpin of eco-mob Insulate Britain has admitted he is a “hypocrite” who “doesn’t care” about insulating homes in a surprising interview.

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Liam Norton – who attacked Good Morning Britain after a clash with Susannah Reid – is the mastermind of the M25 protests that are causing such misery for motorists.

Insulate Britain’s leader admits he ‘doesn’t care’ about insulating homes – despite causing misery for driversCredits: Picture Stone Ltd.
Liam Norton admitted he was a 'hypocrite' during a bizarre interview this morning

Liam Norton admitted he was a ‘hypocrite’ during a bizarre interview this morningcredit: Rex

But one in particular revealed that he doesn’t insulate his home – and now he has admitted that he is “awful” for failing to practice what he preaches.


Campaigners want the government to fully finance the insulation of all social housing by 2025.

But electrician Norton’s property uses gas central heating and is single-glazed, with no insulation in the cavity walls, a report shows.

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In a chat on talkradio, presenter Christo Faufas asked Norton: “Why haven’t you insulated your house yet?”

Norton immediately replied: “Because I am a hypocrite.”

“You understand that it’s a fair allegation, because you ask to do something because it’s so urgent, but you haven’t done it yet,” Christo said.

“Why haven’t you insulated your house yet, when you know there’s a problem here?”

Norton said: “Yeah, I know.

“I’m terrible I’m not.”

Amazed by the response, Christo pressed him further, asking: “Do you understand why people would think, well, this guy doesn’t care about insulation, he just tries to cause disruption and make a name for himself.” ?”

“Yeah, they’re right,” Norton said.

“I don’t particularly care about insulation.”

His response will undoubtedly anger those who have faced long delays on Britain’s biggest motorway thanks to its protesters.

‘I don’t care’

Insulate Britain returned to the M25 yesterday and stuck its hands on the road – despite a High Court injunction that could land them in jail.

Hours later, Transport for London received another order banning them from obstructing traffic at 14 locations across the capital, including Vauxhall Bridge, Tower Bridge and Chiswick Roundabout.

And Norton told Christo today that protesters don’t know why they haven’t been arrested yet.

Asked how he feels about a mother who was traumatized in a traffic jam and a daughter who was in tears at the blockade while she was trying to reach her terminally ill mother in the hospital, He added: “Disruptions and such are the consequences of the disruption we’ve seen in the last four weeks.

“We, like the rest of the British public, wonder why Priti Patel didn’t put us in jail.

“She has the potential to jail us for public nuisance, criminal damage, and the British people should ask why they chose not to do so, because we are as mysterious as anyone else.”

Norton left the GMB in a jiffy in late September after being questioned by Susannah and Richard Madley.

Susanna had warned him not to “protect” him as he asked why his property was not left untouched.

misery for motorists

And Norton said oddly that he was like Winston Churchill, with Richard responding warmly: “You’re comparing yourself to Churchill?

“It’s the most twisted parallel I think I’ve ever heard.”

Elsewhere, new evidence has emerged of public anger at the protests this week.

YouGov surveys found that 72 percent of Britons oppose his actions, up from 59 percent when the protests first began in mid-September.

And after three weeks of protests, the group has only made more people think they are actually hindering their own cause – up from 64 percent in September to 73 percent now.

The protesters used M25 .  has repeatedly blocked major roads including

The protesters used M25 . has repeatedly blocked major roads includingcredit: universal news and sport
Police have made dozens of arrests and more injunctions to keep campaigners off main streets

Police have made dozens of arrests and more injunctions to keep campaigners off main streetscredit: AFP
But Norton said he is 'mysterious' why more isn't being done

But Norton said he is ‘mysterious’ why more isn’t being doneCredits: LNP

Traffic chaos as Insulate Britain blocks the M25 AGAIN and Old Street roundabout in London as furious drivers horn

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