Rittenhouse says Trump lawyer left him in jail to fundraise off his name

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Kyle Rittenhouse has accused his former lawyers of leaving him in jail for 87 days to collect bail money “so they can take it to their advantage.”

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Speaking with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Mr Rittenhouse said his lawyers – Lynn Wood and John Pierce – could have gotten him out of jail in September “but they wanted to keep me in jail until November 20” and instead Told them that he was “safer there than at his home.”

“I was in jail for 87 days,” Rittenhouse said, targeting former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Lynn Wood and conservative pro-Trump lawyer John Pierce, who originally represented him in the case.


Mr Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges on Friday by a jury in a case involving the deaths of two people and injuring a third with a military-style rifle during anti-fascist protests in Kenosha last year.

“Lynn Wood was raising money on my behalf, and she jailed me for 87 days, disrespecting my wishes, putting me in media interviews I should never have done, which she said, ‘ oh you’re going to talk Washington Post,’ which was never a good idea with John Pierce. He said that I am safe in jail instead of staying at home with my family.

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The 18-year-old said 87 days was a “very long” time.

“I lost a lot of weight there,” he said.

“But not being with my family to defend myself for 87 days and this is being taken advantage of, they are being used by John Pierce and Lynn Wood … trying to raise money so that they can use it for their own benefit.” For, don’t try. To set me free,” he said.

“So you think they could have raised money faster for bail, but they didn’t?” asked Carlson.

“I believe – in September 5th, I want to say – they had over a million dollars, and bail was set and could have been posted in September. So they waived me for extradition. They could have got me signed and taken me back to Wisconsin, and I could have got bail by mid-September. But they wanted to keep me in jail until November 20.”

Mr Rittenhouse said Mr Pierce called him a militia after he was released on bail.

“…Once I got bail, John Pierce said I was in an unorganized militia, which was absolutely a lie,” he said. Fox News,

“I didn’t know what a militia was until November 25, when I was watching some interviews they did. I’m like, I’m not in the militia. I don’t know what that is.”

While Mr. Pierce declined to comment, Mr. Wood told the Associated Press that his Fightback Foundation raised funds for Rittenhouse’s bail and publicly stated that the case was a Second Amendment issue.

“I wasn’t a lawyer pushing for a reason,” said Mr. Wood. “Fightback has a mission that includes arms and the right to self-defense.”

Mr Rittenhouse and his former attorney are also at odds over who will receive the $2 million bail. Shortly after a jury in Kenosha acquitted Mr Rittenhouse of all charges, his defense team made an application to receive bail money on his behalf. However, Mr. Wood also filed a motion to claim the money with Rittenhouse’s lawyer, saying “there’s going to be a fight over that.”

Mr. Wood is also annoyed at advising Mr. Rittenhouse to speak with him. Washington Post Under the murder charges, the juvenile’s lawyer, Mark Richards, called Mr Wood a “stupid”.

Criticizing Mr Wood, Republican congressman Marjorie Taylor Green called him “absolutely evil”.

She tweeted: “I’ve told everyone what an awesome person Lynn Wood is and if you’ve seen [Tucker Carlson] Tonight you heard from Kyle Rittenhouse a reason why I think so.”

“Lynn putting Kyle in prison with all the money he donated to Kyle is rather evil,” she said.

She said Mr Wood “should go to jail for what he did to Kyle”.


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