Rob Lowe recalls the continued presence of cocaine on 80s film sets

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    “This was no different from craft services. Where are the red wines, and where is the great Peru flick?”

    Rob Lowe discusses his three decades of moderation in a new interview, recalling the continued presence of cocaine on 80s film and TV sets.

    Actor who acted West Wing, Parks and Recreation And more, spoke of his fight to get somber and how drugs and alcohol were ubiquitous on shoots in the past.

    “You can calm down except do nothing,” Lowe said. Diversity. “The danger of losing a marriage, losing a job, clutter – you name the danger, it won’t be enough to do it.” It’s done in you “

    “The only way to stay in recovery is to be honest with yourself on a minute-by-minute basis,” he said. No mystery, no double life. And you have to be real. “

    Rob Lowe

    “Cocaine was something that successful people did,” Lowe elaborated. “There was always that wonderful moment when you go to the set as an active drug abuser and find out which department is selling coke on the set.

    “This was no different from craft services. Where is red wine, and where is the great Peruvian flick? “

    The actor admitted that “those days are long, long, long gone”.

    Last year, Lowe jokingly claimed Martin Scorsese was his “slightly stupid Christmas elephant film.” Vacation in the wild More watched on Netflix than Scorsese Irish person.

    “I just did a film for Netflix which was the number one movie,” Lowe said. “A little stupid Christmas elephant movie and beat it – take that Martin Scorsese.”

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