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Robert Durst, the real estate heir who was recently convicted of murdering his close friend and suspected of killing two others, including his wife, is seeking a new trial, alleging that the long He was prevented from moving properly during the proceedings.

Lawyers for the 78-year-old filed papers Thursday asking a California court to order a new trial after Durst was found guilty of Susan Berman’s murder by a Los Angeles County jury last week.


Prosecutors alleged that Durst murdered Berman in 2000 before she could talk with officers about how he provided a false excuse for her when his wife, Kathy McCormack Durst, disappeared in 1982. During the trial, he accused her of killing and then getting rid of his wife. Burman to cover the first murder years later. Cathy Durst was never found and was pronounced legally dead.

Robert Durst murder trial lawyer says prosecutors acted ‘sick, old’

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In their filing, defense lawyers said there was insufficient evidence to convict their client.

“In particular, there was insufficient evidence to establish that Mr. Durst committed first-degree murder and that he shot and killed Susan Berman with a shotgun,” said the filing, which was obtained from Law and Crime Network. “Furthermore, there was insufficient evidence to establish this particular circumstance that Mr. Durst killed Susan Berman because she was a ‘witness’.”

They noted that the principal investigator in the disappearance of Cathy Durst found “no evidence to support that Mr. Durst killed Cathy Durst or that Susan Berman was a witness or assisted Mr. Durst in any criminal law”. Was.”

He also reiterated that no murder weapon was ever recovered and that there was no forensic evidence to prove that Durst killed his wife or Berman.

“Here, instead of relying on forensic evidence at trial, the prosecution relied largely on witnesses who gave statements to law enforcement many years after Susan Berman’s death,” the court documents said.

Prosecutors shared photos of Robert Durst (left), Susan Berman (middle) and Kathy Durst (right) at trial for the August 11 murder of Robert Durst.

He also presented a list of reasons he believes had prevented Durst from a fair trial, including the lengthy delay of proceedings, which was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, and New York City. The city was not being allowed to see potential Cathy Durst. To be presented before the jury.

Prosecutors also argued that the court made a mistake by allowing jurors to watch “The Jinx,” an HBO documentary about Durst.

Durst has said that he regretted participating in the 2015 miniseries. In the final episode, he was caught on a hot mic famously saying, “What did I do? Definitely killed them all.”

A sentencing hearing for Durst is scheduled for October 18.