Robert Saleh explains receipts declaration: ‘Not the Same Old Jets’

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Robert “The Receipt Keeper” Saleh knows his Monday comments about tracking down what Jets critics have said about the team didn’t end well.

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On Wednesday, Saleh explained what he meant by that statement, which unfairly upset many Jets fans.

“You guys caught me in an emotional moment guarding the locker room,” Saleh said.


Saleh said he didn’t mean to “take a shot” at anyone and that he was really trying to be up for his players.

“Everyone in the locker room, including the coaching staff, knows how we all feel about each other,” Saleh said. “And my words, the display of my feelings, which I do my best to control here, do I have a firm belief in.

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“It’s not the same old jet. But until we win, until we prove that – which is on us as coaches and on us as players – the shots will keep coming. Welcome, keep bringing up. This is not going to change our mission and it is to make this organization and this fan base a winner.”

Robert Saleh said he was not trying to ‘shoot’ anyone with his receipt remarks.
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Saleh, who is 4-14 years old as the Jets’ coach after a 24-9 loss to the Ravens on Sunday, said he understands that the franchise’s recent history brings frustration to the fan base.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the passion and history of this organization for what has happened, especially over the past 11 years,” Saleh said. “Trust me, I get it. I’ve been losing teams. It’s not a joke.”

Saleh said that while the organization’s history has been recognized, the job of the current team is to worry about the future.

“Everyone in this organization acknowledges and respects the past,” Saleh said. “But this group is responsible for the future. And when we realize the organization’s past sins, we know it’s our job to heal those wounds as well.”

Sunday’s defeat for Saleh and the current Jets was just one game in which the team made mistakes. For longtime Jets fans, it was a continuation of the sloppy game seen so often during the past 12 years.

Saleh has coached many different teams, but he has probably never faced a team that has the “Same Old Jets” cloud hanging over his head.

“It’s probably the emotional part that got me through on Monday,” Saleh said. “It’s just a lesson, you can’t control the noise outside. And you can’t brainwash everyone or whatever. [the word] You can’t make people believe what you see. They have to go see it, because they are not here.”

Saleh said he knew the slings and arrows would continue until the Jets won.

“We have to prove it on the football field,” Saleh said. “And my commitment and this team’s commitment to this entire fan base is that we’re going to do it and that’s what caused that disappointment.”

Jets fans, who have endured six consecutive losing seasons and 11 straight seasons without an appearance, are tired of waiting but Saleh promised achche din would come.

“I’ve told you guys a million times that I know it’s going to happen,” Saleh said. “It’s just a matter of proving it. That’s our job. We have to go out and prove it.”

Asked if his fire and brimstone could flare up on jets, Saleh said he didn’t think words could do the trick. The Jets need to prove it on the field.

“I think it still comes down to speed,” Saleh said. “I believe once we prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing things, it is going to lead to something bigger. Part of the confidence in this league is being able to prove ourselves first. To be, to learn how not to lose football games and how to win games.”

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