Robert Saleh’s Jets honeymoon already over

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Robert Saleh, an avid golfer, certainly didn’t know he’d be 2-down before hitting his first shot on the first tee.

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Saleh went door-to-door in January as the latest Jets head coach, bearing the burden of his predecessor’s shortcomings and the growing frustration of Jets fans, whose only playoff berths await with each vacant and has become more disappointing. Season.

This will be the plight of every new Jets head coach until a winner is finally produced.


It was a burden that Adam Gass faced after Todd Bowles eventually failed to complete the job in two years. It was a burden when Bowles had to replace Rex Ryan when Ryan’s acting ran its course after six seasons.

Saleh has been around the league as an assistant coach for a while — part of rebuilding in Houston, Seattle, Jacksonville and San Francisco — so it’s not like he got into the Jets with no clue that he what was you doing.

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But he’s quickly finding out that you have to be in it to really appreciate not only how high the temperature is but also the level of anger among Jet fans.

Robert Saleh argues with the referee during the Jets’ Week 11 loss to the Dolphins.
Robert Sabo

Despite the fact that he’s coaching the youngest roster in the league, which includes a rookie quarterback, and has already had a smattering of significant injuries in the thread-bare depth charts, several times with Saleh. Behaved as if he has been here for all the failures. In the last 10 years, there is no person who has trained for just 10 sports.

“I started joking with someone that a year in New York is like dog years,” Saleh said Monday. “It’s excitement or disaster. No one is in the middle.”

There, of course, is the wrong move on the part of Saleh. Most recently, his handling of the quarterback position last week with Mike White and Joe Fleco was lacking.

Saleh was criticized for the quarterback’s kerfuffle, and it made some in the organization nosedive out of shape, believing he should have been given the benefit of the doubt. And maybe he should have, but human nature is a mighty force, and the Jets’ poor track record over the past decade doesn’t give them too many cards to break free from prison.

Saleh is, by nature, a bundle of positive energy, and these first few months have tested that positivity.

“With everyone who is in a new role — especially in this market — there’s going to be a learning curve,” Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ former GM and current ESPN analyst, told The Post on Tuesday. “One thing about New York is that things are magnified—both positive and negative—and when you’re going through some challenging times, whether fair or unfair, you realize that the lens is going to grow big on you. Is.”

Fans may bitch and moan as to his understandable frustration with the losing Mt., but Saleh isn’t going anywhere. He was brought here to be part of the solution and if we’re being fair, he needs more than 10 games to make that happen.

Since the summer, Saleh has been planting the seeds that it’s going to be a tough year because of the team’s youth, warning fans not to expect too many victories.

Robert Saleh said he told someone that "a year in New York is like the dog years."
Robert Saleh said he told someone that “a year in New York is like the dog years.”
bill costroun

Interestingly, however, a look at several recent head coaches in their first year with the club shows a nail of improvement. Bill Parcells took over the 1-15 team and went 9-7. Eric Mangini took the team 4–12 and led 10–6. Ryan equaled Mangini’s 9-7 record from a year earlier, but led the Jets in the AFC title game. Bowles took on the team 4-12 and went on to lead 10-6. Even Gasse took a 7-9 lead after handling the team 4-12.

Saleh is following Gasse’s 2-14 season from a year ago, so he still has seven games to improve on. Like his team, he is still a work in progress.

“If I were a player, I would follow this guy anywhere,” said special teams coach Brant Boyer. “He’s a guy the players want to follow. I think he’s done an excellent job trying to keep the ship [moving] in the right direction.”

The reality is that it is difficult for many Jets fans, as their vision has been clouded by a 61–109 record since last season, with this team looking to lead at 2–8 and without a playoff berth in a row. Headed to the 11th season.

“I think Coach Saleh, one of his superpowers is he’s patient,” said second-year cornerback Bryce Hall. “We haven’t won most of our games this year, has it affected them? I’m sure it is. But… he absolutely believes this is about to turn around, and I believe so too. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when?’ a matter of. ,

From the mouth of the hall to the green ears of the Lord.


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