Robin Torker, streamer and jacksepticai editor, poses as trans

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    “I am choosing to bring you into the loop soon and hopefully you would like to join me in this journey!”

    Robin Torker, also known as Pixlpit or Betapixel, Has surfaced on Twitter as a trans-woman, stating that she will be using the pronoun for now.

    The Swedish YouTuber is known for his work on videos of JackSepticEye as well as his own regular stream, and is a close friend of Jack.

    In a statement released on Twitter on Saturday (February 20), Robin revealed that she had wished to be the “two-thirds” woman of her life, and was beginning treatment for gender reunification through her doctor.

    “I’m becoming … a trans-woman!” The statement reads. “It is still very early in the process, I am still almost in disbelief.

    “For now, I’m still going by the name Robin and I’m still using his / her pronouns, but I’m choosing to bring you into the loop soon and hopefully join you in this journey Would like to be! “

    He Ex-reviewers addressed critics by asking them to “dissuade from here”, explaining that “the subject of rights and equality is always the opposite of gender, a binary fact.”

    “People are being offered equal rights regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. It is not a brainchild for me. It should be clear. If you do not agree with this, then you are wrong. You are choosing to marginalize a certain group of people because you do not like them. But you have no rights. “

    Moving forward, Robin has promised fans that he will “share what he is comfortable with” and keep him updated when possible.

    JackSepticEye also reacted to this statement on Twitter, saying: “So incredibly proud of you. I am with you 100% and your bravery is inspiring. So excited to see your journey. “

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