Tickcock star Rochelle Hager has died at the age of 31.

According to a press release from the Farmington Police Department obtained by Granthshala News on Tuesday, Hager died after a tree branch fell on his car on Monday.

The social media star, often posted on the short-form app under user @ roeurboat3 when the wind was blowing at speeds in excess of 50 mph, was in the city of Maine, Farmington.

As a result, a limb of a cedar tree fell on the car that Hager was driving.

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Police Chief Kenneth Charles spoke with local news outlet, Press herald, And said that the social media personality was declared dead on the spot after being alerted by a neighbor by the authorities.

Charles said that Hager probably died immediately.

Rochelle Hager died in a strange accident in Maine on Friday.

Rochelle Hager died in a strange accident in Maine on Friday.

After the tree limb collided with the car, it appears that the 2015 Nissan Rogue, the hangar was driving, crossed the center line of the road to a stop in a northbound street.

The tree branch also collided with a nearby electric pole and broke a nearby utility pole, according to the outlet.


Charles said no other car was involved in the “tragic and unique” accident and no one else was in the car with Hager.

Unfortunately, “there was nothing she could do” to avoid the accident, the chief said, noting that it was “clearly a direct result of the high winds today.”

The Farmington Fire Department and the Central Maine Power Company responded to the scene.

At one point on Monday, high winds caused electrical damage across the state, leaving nearly 2,000 Franklin County residents without electricity.


Shekhar Hager, an executive, was to be married to Brittany Lynn Richie in October.

Rochelle Hager had a large following on Tickcock.

Rochelle Hager had a large following on Tickcock.

Richie told Outlet He was on the phone with Hager when the accident occurred.

“It happened really quickly,” Richie said. “She A phone is mounted in his vent. I just heard an accident and then there was nothing. She Did not see the tree coming. It was immediately. “

“We were following on Ticktock, and she was all about positivity and making people laugh,” Ritchie continued. “She Was that kind of person. She Was my son’s best friend. “

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Additionally, Richie described Hager, who was 10 years old, “a big advocate for drug addiction.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the hangar had more than 136,000 followers on Tikrok.