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The Rolling Stones retired one of their most popular rock songs because of lyrics that depicted the horrors of slavery.

The Stones Haven’t Played the 1971 Hit “Brown Sugar” on Their current tour And said that the blues classic has been removed from their setlist.


“You picked up on that, huh?,” Keith Richards, 77, LA Times. replied to When asked if the Stones cut the second most performed tune in their catalog in the middle of a climate? increased cultural sensitivity.

“I don’t know. I’m with the sisters trying to find out where the beef is. Didn’t they know it was a song about the horrors of slavery? But they’re trying to bury it.”

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Slaves are sold and beaten in Louisiana in the first verse of the hit song, making a reference to a “slave” who “kills women only at about midnight.”

The famous chorus portrays a non-consensual sexual encounter between a violent master and a young female slave, while also possibly alluding to heroin use.

In the next stanza, the song describes the mistreatment of slaves on a plantation. Lead singer Mick Jagger finished by singing, “How do you taste so good… just like a black girl.”

“We’ve played ‘Brown Sugar’ every night since 1970,” Richards told the newspaper.

“So sometimes you think, ‘We’ll just take this out for now and see how it goes.’ We can put it back in.”

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The Stones have played the song live 1,136 times, second only to “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. setlist.fm . According to.

“At the moment I don’t want to get into conflict with all this s-t,” Richard said of his criticism of the song. “But I hope we’ll be able to resurrect the babe in her glory somewhere along the track.”

Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones perform as they resume their "No Filter Tour" North American Tour at Soldier Field on June 21, 2019 in Chicago.  The tour was postponed while Jagger was recovering from heart surgery.

The Stones were their “five shows”.no filterVisit Wednesday. The concerts marked the septuagenarians’ first gigs since 2019, and their first without a drummer. Charlie Watts, who died in August at the age of 80.

Jagger is not explicitly singing the song in the first person, but the danceable tune has been criticized in recent years, with some critics dubbing it “surprisingly raw and aggressive

Other commentators have assumed that this “Gross, Sensual, and Surprisingly Offensive, “but still shaking.

“I’ll Never Write That Song Now,” Jagger told Rolling Stone in 1995.

Brown sugar by Jagger/Richards

Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
sold down at the market in new orleans
Wounded old slave knows he’s doing well
Hear him whipping women around midnight

Brown sugar, how does yours taste so good? aha
Brown sugar, just like a young girl, uh, oh

Drums beating, cold English blood runs hot
Home lady wonderin’ when it’s gonna stop
house boy knows he’s doing fine
You should have heard them around midnight

Brown sugar, how come you taste so good now?
Brown sugar, want like a young girl now (yeah)

Ah, come on, brown sugar, how do you taste so good?
Ahhh, I got a craving, brown sugar
just like a black girl, yeah

Ah, and I bet your mom was a tent show queen
and all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen
I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like
you must have heard me around midnight

Brown sugar, how come you taste so good, baby?
ah, come down, brown sugar
just like a young girl needs, yeah
I said yeah yeah yeah yeah woo
How are you, how do you taste so good?
yeah yeah yeah woo
Just like a black girl
yeah yeah yeah woo