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Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisk, sent a letter to President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin questioning the Defense Department’s vaccine mandate after receiving reports that soldiers were given shots not licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. were being received.

Johnson said “multiple sources” have told his office that “Department of Defense (DoD) mandated COVID-19 vaccinations cannot be in accordance with Defense Secretary Austin’s August 24, 2021 memorandum” because he has received a “full license”. remains to be done. “From the FDA.


Austin announced military vaccine mandate In August, giving active duty soldiers until December 15 and Reserve and National Guard service members until June 30 to be fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved vaccine.

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Johnson noted that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is currently the only one with non-emergency FDA approval, yet several reports indicate that there is currently “not enough approved vaccine available for distribution” to people eligible for the shot. .

Wisconsin Republicans questioned how the DoD could scale up its mandatory vaccination program given the circumstances, while requesting information on how many service members were given non-FDA-approved vaccines by the DoD.

Johnson also requested DoD to provide all documentation and guidelines regarding the vaccine order.

A spokesman for Johnson told Granthshala News: “The senator’s concerns are twofold: Service members are mandated to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and service members may not receive a fully approved vaccine as mandated.”

The spokesman said the vaccine for service members and other professionals inevitably exacerbates “serious worker shortages” in health care settings.

“Vaccine mandates will exacerbate these deficiencies and impair our health care system,” the spokesperson said. “The report on how the mandate could undermine military preparedness should concern every American, especially our commander-in-chief.”