Routine health checks for millions of over-75s scrapped until APRIL and surgeries cancelled so GPs can deliver mammoth booster programme – but under-40s can’t book for 10 more days

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  • Postponement of health checks aims to free up GPs to help with huge jab rollout
  • GP will get income security for not doing minor surgeries like peeling of mole
  • Preachers warn of health checks that will send Old Britons to A&E. helped avoid trips to

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Millions—75 more people in England—will miss out on routine health checks until April, freeing GPs to help the UK’s anti-Omicron booster drive.

Campaigners accused the government of breaking its promises to promote face-to-face appointments and dismissed the decision as a ‘self-defeating exercise’ as more than 75 flooded A&E with their health problems. Will go


The decision to postpone the health checks comes from the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), in response to the government’s massive effort to turbocharge the UK’s COVID boosters to do away with Omicron.

The JCVI said routine health check-ups for new patients over 75 as well as for new patients could be deferred until April if GPs deem it ‘medically appropriate’.

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The measure is to free up GPs so they can help with the COVID Booster programme, which aims to provide every eligible adult in the UK for the third time by January.

But Denise Reid of Silver Voices, a campaign group of more than 60, said the move was ‘extremely worrying’.

“These routine check-ups are a boon for older patients as they provide an opportunity for any concerns and that is how people go to the doctor,” he said.

“It is not an excess that can be taken away by some kind of luxury service, it is an essential service for older people,” he said.

Altogether 18 million Britons have received the booster jab so far and, following yesterday’s guidance change, all 53 million adults over the age of 18 will finally be eligible. At the current rate of 2.4 million jabs per week, it will take until March to get everyone excited

Health screening for people over the age of 75 covers a variety of health issues from blood pressure checks to early signs of dementia, although many older people take it as an opportunity to ask a health professional about any health concerns. take as well.

Mr Reid also said a strategy to free up health resources would be a ‘self-defeating’, as older people with treatable conditions such as UTIs could end up in emergency care.

‘If things are not dealt with quickly, as they can often lead to A&E and maybe even hospitalization,’ he said.

NHS to end routine surgery to meet No10 booster deadline

Health leaders have warned the NHS is set to end more routine operations to shift its focus to the UK’s huge booster rollout for staff.

Boris Johnson has promised a booster COVID vaccine to all 53 million eligible adults by the end of January to protect the country from the oncoming omicron wave.

But with staff shortages and waiting lists already at high levels, health chiefs say this will come at the cost of planned operations and health scans.

“The more we will be able to meet the requirement, the less essential and more routine work will have to stop and I am very reluctant to do so given the backlog and pressure in the system,” said an NHS leader. Independent,

There are fears that delays in elective care, which include routine procedures – such as knee operations – and scans to screen or screen for health problems such as cancer or heart disease, will further increase the record NHS waiting list.

Sajid Javid has already accepted that the workload of GPs will be shifted to focus on the booster campaign in a dramatic U-turn on face-to-face appointments with doctors.


He said older people would feel disappointed by the decision, and accused the government of breaking its promise to boost the number of face-to-face appointments.

‘Somehow our lives are not as important as those of young people. It is like some primitive societies that leave old people to die outside the caves,’ he said.

Another element of the JCVI plans is providing GPs with income protection until April for not completing minor procedures such as removal of the mole for which they are paid, so participating in the booster rollout will help them financially No damage occurs.

Dr Gary Hossom, Vice President of the Royal College of GPs, welcomed the measures, describing them as ‘sensible’.

‘There are already over 1,000 GP-led vaccination sites in operation, and GPs are already continuing to vaccinate millions of COVID-19, but meet the goal of offering their booster jab to all eligible people by the end of January next year. To do that, the capacity needs to expand,’ he said.

‘These are sensible, temporary measures that will address some of the bureaucratic demands on practices and in general practice will have minimal impact on the care patients receive, allowing GPs and our teams to focus their efforts where currently Most medically necessary.’

The measures to free up GPs to help with the booster campaign come despite the fact that another for people under 40 for another 10 days when a third will not be available.

The JCVI letter revealed that the NHS website will not be updated to accept the new three-month waiting time between the second and third doses of the COVID vaccine, which, as of 13 December, will help people under 40 to receive the jab. was changed to enable.

The letter also pointed out that while the health service was already under pressure, it emphasized a ‘new national mission’ after ministers challenged the NHS to give boosters to all adults in just 62 days. Was.

Recent NHS figures on GP appointments in England Nearly four out of 10 consultations (35.6 per cent) were not in October, despite Health Secretary Sajid Javid issuing a stern warning to practices to go back to pre-pandemic levels, when more than 80 per cent were face-to-face.

But Mr Javid changed his tune in the wake of Omicron’s arrival in the UK, saying getting a third dose in people’s arms to defend against the new version was a ‘new…


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